Night Desert Trip

I have to wake up at 5am whenever I do day shifts, that means going to bed just after 9 and I have some vivid dreams when I do. Sometimes, even dreams where I go to sleep and enter another, like Inception. I didn't sleep as much as I thought last night, stayed up a… Continue reading Night Desert Trip


A Star Far Away

This dream last night gave me a beacon of hope for the future of our world, and before I get down to it, I just want to say a massive thank you to all my friends and followers for reaching out to me here and Facebook when I shared my blog post about the incident… Continue reading A Star Far Away


Don’t Be Surprised I Will Still Rise

I tried to fall asleep again in the morning to see if that dream would continue, but no avail. It was basically my own version of Katy Perry's Rise music video, only this time I had large dragon wings instead of a parachute attached to me. I was struggling to fly with them for the… Continue reading Don’t Be Surprised I Will Still Rise


The Ogan Beauty Pageant

Ah there's nothing like starting a new month with a vivid dream! It's been such a long time and I think it was at a good time too. I was out with my friends last night at a buffet, but after helping myself to my first dish, I suddenly got this ache in my abdomen… Continue reading The Ogan Beauty Pageant

Music and Bands

Why I Love Singers

It is no secret that when it comes to band members, I clearly have a thing for the ones that can sing. Not that I don't love the ones who play drums, bass, etc. but I always develop a soft spot for the singer first. I think it's because I love to sing myself, so… Continue reading Why I Love Singers