I Should Ask More Questions

I don't think about this often, but sometimes it comes to me when I'm in the middle of a conversation with someone like, say, my mom and she'll ask me what my friends are up to like what's their current job. I sometimes feel like I don't know enough about my friends because whenever I… Continue reading I Should Ask More Questions


What To Say Next – Outlook On My Life

At first, I hesitated as to whether I should review this book while I was still reading it, but as I reached its end, I realized I did have something that I wanted to say about it. This is not the first book I have read by an author on the spectrum, the first was… Continue reading What To Say Next – Outlook On My Life


Unexpected Boardwalk Chatter

Now that was an exciting dream, and it should be safe enough to write about on the blog, whether it was romantic or not. But before I get to that, I was trying not to buy anything from the Steam Winter sale that is supposed to end today. Most of my friends there are just… Continue reading Unexpected Boardwalk Chatter


Critics and Casuals In Gaming

It's easy to go on the Internet to talk about a subject and get into a debate of what's good and bad. I've learned that in video games, there are two types of people in this situation. There are critics who feel the need to nitpick every detail about a game that's wrong with it,… Continue reading Critics and Casuals In Gaming