Monster Tight Doors Block (Almost) Everything

After working for eight consecutive days, the good dreams don't start to come until I catch up on my sleep. The one on the night before my last shift was strange, but when I went to sleep last night knowing today is my day off, I was pleased that my brain picked something so vivid… Continue reading Monster Tight Doors Block (Almost) Everything


Extensive Breaks are Worth It

There are so many things I love to listen to and watch that I could go on for hours listing them all but that's not the purpose here.Have you ever got that feeling of not paying attention to something for a while and then coming back to it later? You always find that when you… Continue reading Extensive Breaks are Worth It


You Are Not Saren, or Are You a Klingon?

I never really talk about the other universes that I love or am just starting to love.The last time and the only time I wrote about Mass Effect, was in 2013 when I was getting fed up with some of my friends choosing to boycott the game because of the ending. Don't make a mountain… Continue reading You Are Not Saren, or Are You a Klingon?