Female Gamer Mythbusting

It's not easy being a gamer that's for sure, it's sometimes even harder to be a gamer and be female. We've come a long way given that we now make up at least 50% of the global gaming population. But aside from the usual problems we still face like harassment, lack of opportunities/revenue if we… Continue reading Female Gamer Mythbusting


I Just Play Not Stream

Twitch, Discord, YouTube, you name it, one of the most popular features that gamers do, and some other bloggers I know, is broadcast their gameplay of whatever game they're currently playing. I used to watch people do it, like I watched Markiplier's entire run of Alien Isolation in episodes because I knew I was never… Continue reading I Just Play Not Stream


How My Days of Binge Watching Ended

We now live in a society where the norm is to spend your spare time binge watching your favourite series. The most common subject I see my friends and coworkers discussing is what they're currently watching, or their latest binge session where they watched more than 5 episodes of something in one night. Thanks to… Continue reading How My Days of Binge Watching Ended