TV Series

I Want a Daemon

Now that Game of Thrones is over, I'm asking myself what's next until the prequel series comes? HBO showed me incredible things and I'm just itching for more. HBO often announces new upcoming series, especially when another ends. While everyone seemed interested in Chernobyl, I became excited for His Dark Materials. Unpopular opinion here:… Continue reading I Want a Daemon


Putting my Spartan Boots Back On

Funny that you mention it, because I'm not a Spartan when it comes to the Halo fandom. I'm a female Sangheili Supreme Commander in charge of several fleets with a CSO-class Supercarrier as the flagship. I am also the third incarnation of the Ur-Didact and the first hybrid incarnation; half-human/half-Forerunner who restored Mantle's Approach and… Continue reading Putting my Spartan Boots Back On


Lucky Jingle And Singing Twinkle

Today's been a fantastic day, or maybe I should say slime-tastic because of all the Slime Rancher stuff that happened today! First, the main event. Three months ago, I splurged the night Monomi Park announced a Collector's Edition. Due to the postal strike, I was worried it wouldn't arrive until the new year, but thankfully… Continue reading Lucky Jingle And Singing Twinkle