Music and Bands

Keep It Clean, Let Me Sing

I love rock and metal music, there is no question about it. But some particular subgenres are an acquired taste that just aren't for me. Spend enough time around me, or maybe even a little bit, and you'll get to know what kind of music I listen to. While I have a variety of tastes,… Continue reading Keep It Clean, Let Me Sing


Come To Me Legends

I must have had several dreams about this already and it often starts with me rising up into the sky, not as any of my OCs, just as myself. Then I'm calling to all my favourite legendary Pokemon to join me in whatever journey we're embarking on. It's no surprise because I've been hunting for… Continue reading Come To Me Legends


Things I Want To See On The Mass Effect Remaster

It's official, the original Mass Effect is getting remastered and is set to release sometime this spring. Perhaps BioWare is working on it right now as I write this. I wrote earlier that I was originally skeptical because of how precious the trilogy is to me, and that a remaster may make some experiences no… Continue reading Things I Want To See On The Mass Effect Remaster


Things I Like About Andromeda

Mass Effect Andromeda is one of those games that gets a lot of unnecessary backlash since its release. First, it was because of graphical bugs that did not affect the game's ability to run, but were just minor things that players were nitpicky over. Then it was also due to it not being a sequel… Continue reading Things I Like About Andromeda