Rebuilding Chicago

Imagine being in Dark of the Moon, ah the memories. The truth is I still have a soft spot for those Transformers films because it was there did that love for the franchise blossom. It's Peter Cullen's birthday as I write this, happy birthday Peter and thank you as always for bringing to life one… Continue reading Rebuilding Chicago


Deployed in Paris

Reading this title makes it sound like you're in the military and you've been posted in well, Paris of course! I mean, I've always wanted to go to Paris, before this stupid pandemic hit my mom told me she was hoping we could go there together. She's already been there with dad, but she knows… Continue reading Deployed in Paris


Terminator, Abductor, and Serpent

I've forced myself to wear earplugs to bed because my ceiling fan makes too much noise. Along with an eye mask, because my bedroom is just not dark enough! Too many needs! So, this was definitely an epic vivid dream with a crossover of fandoms where I had to escape numerous times, only to be… Continue reading Terminator, Abductor, and Serpent

TV Series

War For Cybertron Returns

Writing this is overdue and with it about a month away, now's the time. My favourite part of the Transformers franchise has always been the war on Cybertron before it comes to Earth: no humans, no eye candy, just Autobots fighting Decepticons. Netflix announced that it will be releasing a series about the war for… Continue reading War For Cybertron Returns

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Villains With The Best Laughs

One of the most iconic things I love about a villain is their laughter. It's what makes them intimidating whether they're a serious villain or a quirky one. If a villain has a great evil laugh that makes me want to laugh with them, they become my favourite. So, you know what this post is… Continue reading Villains With The Best Laughs


The Super Happy Love Award

Well, look at this, another nomination and this time something totally new! Now we're talking. Michelle at A Geek Girl's Guide nominated me for this award. This is going to be fun to write because I love gushing about the things I love! Rules: Thank the person who tagged you, thank you so much Michelle!… Continue reading The Super Happy Love Award

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Don’t Leave Because of Change

I didn't want to ever write this, because in the past I've been guilty of it myself. (Bayformers Optimus Prime anyone?) Now that I've matured, I see it in a while different light. Whether it's a movie, TV show, or video game now that I look back at it: I see fans surrender their loyalty… Continue reading Don’t Leave Because of Change