True Fun is Love for Optimus and a Monsterman – Music of February 2018

Ah February, the shortest  month of the year, but even so, it is always such an eventful month every year for me. There are firstly, two important anniversaries that I celebrate every year that started in the years 2010 and 2012, and there will often be other things that accompany them that follow.You'll be happy… Continue reading True Fun is Love for Optimus and a Monsterman – Music of February 2018


Extensive Breaks are Worth It

There are so many things I love to listen to and watch that I could go on for hours listing them all but that's not the purpose here.Have you ever got that feeling of not paying attention to something for a while and then coming back to it later? You always find that when you… Continue reading Extensive Breaks are Worth It


3 Fictional Characters That Describe Me

This trend on the Internet has been going on for about a week now and I kept telling myself, "What are those three characters that describe you the most?" I delayed in sharing my own results because I thought that I would never be able to pick three.Finally I have my results based how I… Continue reading 3 Fictional Characters That Describe Me


The Dysfunctional Decepticons

Awww yay! Another Transformers related dream where Optimus and I go for a drive off into the sunset! Psych! Actually this dream was pretty disturbing that pictures won't be necessary. Seriously, have you remembered the times from a few of the Transformers movies where Megatron was all like: "Let me strip the very flesh from… Continue reading The Dysfunctional Decepticons