No More Stars

This week I had to make a difficult choice about certain content I publish here and I am not sharing it in a post to justify my reasons for taking it down. But like any therapy, writing is one of mine so am I sharing it here. You may or may not have noticed that… Continue reading No More Stars


The Festival of Friendship

It's been nothing but binging in the valley the last few weeks since Gameloft launched a new update with new characters, quests and a star path. When I started playing this game, it was a week before Christmas and players were already into the heart of the holiday star path which are limited-time events in… Continue reading The Festival of Friendship


Nature and Nurture

It's been an exhausting week, and I find solace in tending to my village of Dreamlight Valley. I am also starting to also consider how I will review this game since I often do not review games like these, I just either don't write anything or share updates on what I'm up to, but since… Continue reading Nature and Nurture

Music and Bands

Parade With Freaks

I should have had more faith in times like these. But now 2023 is off to a great start. You see, I haven't been to any concerts in three years (not counting some of the virtual ones I've been to), not just due to the pandemic, but also when concerts started to resume, there was… Continue reading Parade With Freaks

Music and Bands

Stand Red Hungry a Psychosocial Rebel – Music of January 2023

Welcome to the first edition of 2023! I decided to start writing this on Sunday since I was scheduled for a shift on the actual last day of this month so here we go. This month's songs are filled with nostalgia and emotion for me so it's going to be interesting. Some of the songs… Continue reading Stand Red Hungry a Psychosocial Rebel – Music of January 2023


My Steam Replay of 2022

To wrap up 2022, Steam just launched a new feature that gives us a rundown of our gaming activity for the year. You know, like Spotify Wrapped for those who use it. I was actually quite surprised with the results that Valve was able to pull, especially since I can be so engrossed in a… Continue reading My Steam Replay of 2022


Machine Hunting For Living

Ever played an open-world game for so long that you sometimes forget where you are because you're having too much fun in such a dangerous environment? That's me with Horizon Zero Dawn right now. It's not like any open-world game that I've played. In Skyrim I would always find something to do with quests here… Continue reading Machine Hunting For Living


Why I Don’t Celebrate New Year’s Eve Anymore

I honestly cannot remember when I celebrated NYE the most exciting way possible. It feels like, over the years, my energy and tolerance of people have significantly decreased on this particular holiday. I was probably in my preteen years the last time I went to an actual party. That was when my parents were good… Continue reading Why I Don’t Celebrate New Year’s Eve Anymore