Day of the Devs Eye-Grabbers

Before I had to work last weekend, I managed to watch a little bit of the Summer Game Fest in 2022 and I had high hopes that I would hear something about Silksong. Sure enough, that game did make an appearance on Xbox and Bethesda's showcase with new gameplay footage revealed yesterday. A friend who… Continue reading Day of the Devs Eye-Grabbers


Smart Stalker

Ever imagined an enemy in a video game who stalks you but wasn't the smartest in the world? Well I just recall dreaming last night that the Sturm from Heisenberg's factory in Village was just like that! It was chasing me through these halls that looked like they were within the factory but I first… Continue reading Smart Stalker


One Month Later After The Breach

So, it's officially been a month now since my Instagram was hacked. How am I doing now? Better actually, I feel like I have become smarter and can spend more time doing things I love to do even more than scrolling the app. I remember in the moment I was devastated at first that I… Continue reading One Month Later After The Breach

Music and Bands

I Really Hate Band Promoters

Picture this: you are scrolling through social media to discover one of your favourite bands has announced that they are going on tour. You eagerly go to their page to see if there are any tour dates in your neck of the woods, only to be disappointed that none of the shows are closest to… Continue reading I Really Hate Band Promoters


Tempered By The Fires Of Hell

Well, good morning to you! I woke up from a refreshing sleep today and eager to get started on a new game review. There's always that satisfying moment whenever I finish a game and am ready to start writing about it here and oh man I have not been looking forward to writing a game… Continue reading Tempered By The Fires Of Hell


I Met Mr. Death This Morning

He offered me a ride, I said I think I'm not quite ready yet, To travel by your side.. I haven't really been talking about how I'm doing with my current Darksiders II play-through. I did that so much with its predecessor and whenever I get into a new gaming franchise that I end up… Continue reading I Met Mr. Death This Morning