Back To Hallownest

I told you I'd never been done with Hollow Knight! While I continue to wait impatiently for some news of Silksong, I have gone back to the original gem to complete tasks that were on my to-do list and have discovered new lore on the way. The first thing I remembered that made me decide… Continue reading Back To Hallownest


Sing Sweet Nightingale

I'm back. I just worked 7 days in a row, and boy has it been busy, stressful, but rewarding. I think what comes with being absent for a while is that when I finally return to doing something I love outside of work, it's a lot more relieving and exciting. I normally try to blog… Continue reading Sing Sweet Nightingale

Music and Bands

Killection Masks – Detailed Review

A new era of Lordi is upon us and I always look forward to beginning a detailed review of the band's new look. I'm not going to get rambling this time, but jump straight into it and finish up with my thoughts on the album title and tracks. So let's begin! Hiisi Starting with the… Continue reading Killection Masks – Detailed Review


First Year At Sunrise Farm

Hello everyone. I haven't played Stardew Valley in over a month now since I've been heavily focused on Witcher 3's Blood and Wine DLC, but last time I played, a lot has happened since my first update so I think it's time to share another before I return to the game. This time, a lot… Continue reading First Year At Sunrise Farm


Zireael – The Swallow

Time for another Witcher 3 update! I managed to squeeze in time to finish the game's main quest after I got home from the first day at my new job so I'm sure you're dying to know what happened. It's been a long journey for sure and I knew that at some point the Wild… Continue reading Zireael – The Swallow