Resident Evil 2 – Raccoon City Epidemic

I had no intentions of playing this game at first when it comes to Resident Evil, but as I was branching out in many interests within the gaming world, I changed my mind and decided to give this classic a go. I think this game was a lot more challenging than the other RE games… Continue reading Resident Evil 2 – Raccoon City Epidemic


DARQ – Inescapable Lucid Nightmares

This game I bought from the Lunar New Year Sale this year and it was something I was uncertain about for a while. When I finally played it I realized it was shorter than I thought but the visuals and audio are well done for a solo developer. It's a game about a boy named… Continue reading DARQ – Inescapable Lucid Nightmares


Undead Lord Under A Curse

Once again, dreams are giving me ideas for future fanfiction projects! I can't share all the details here but something tells me this dream, if I turn it into a fanfiction is going to involve curses, zombies and of course THE Zombie if you get my drift. There was one intimate scene I recall from… Continue reading Undead Lord Under A Curse

Music and Bands

Hellbilly Deluxe – Walk Through The Spookshow

I will confess, I am a very new Rob Zombie fan, I know he's been around for decades. I remember I wanted to check out his music (and maybe his films too) back when I was in college, but something stopped me and as I write this I try to recall what it was. Now… Continue reading Hellbilly Deluxe – Walk Through The Spookshow