TV Series

Between Worlds and Dust

Well now, I’ve been watching His Dark Materials for the past three weeks and I’ve been starting to brainstorm how I am going to review the first season. In the past, particularly with HBO, I’ve usually watched all the episodes per season and then merge them all into one article here with a short summary of each episode, I’m not very good at that though.

I thought why not try something different like what other writers do? What they do is watch an episode, and then review it in one article before the next one. Sure it requires more writing, but maybe it’ll suit my writing style better.

Feels like I’m a little late in starting this because the season is already under way, so I could either start now, or wait until after the season ends and then put something up every week. Maybe waiting until the end of each season might work best because then I can do this at my own pace, but we shall see.

Hell, this could be applied to other shows I watch as well if I can remember enough of them that is. But it does seem to me that whatever I watch on HBO seems to retain my attention the most!

Well, I guess I better start getting it organized because I can’t wait to see Iorek Byrnison appear tomorrow.


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