About Me

Well, where do I begin?

My name is Emily and I’ve been blogging since my teen years. I started on a place called Live Spaces back when MSN was all the rage. Then in 2013 I began blogging on Blogger for 5 years and now, here I am on WordPress which I hope to make my permanent home for writing.

I’m just your average hobby blogger and I write about all sorts of things I’m passionate about and I’m known for having a vivid imagination.

I listen to a lot of music but my favorite genre is heavy metal with my favorite subgenres being power, symphonic, thrash, and progressive metal.

I’m also an avid gamer and play mostly on my custom gaming desktop, and oh yeah, I’m in love a ton of fictional characters and heavy metal musicians. My other hobbies, well just get to know me and you’ll find out!

So, why the name Monsterlady?

That’s a question that a lot of people might have when they stumble upon this blog. Well, the term Monsterlady is derived from “Monsterman” You see, my favourite band Lordi put out a song many years ago, called Would You Love a Monsterman: the first song I listened to. When I fell in love with the band’s music, image, and the singer: Mr. Lordi, my friends would often call me Monsterlady to signify that I would love a Monsterman, which in this case that is Mr. Lordi who I consider to be my idol.

He would always talk about being the best you can be and do the things you love to do for yourself, and not care what people think of you. Those words struck me deep at a time where I was struggling to find myself with the demands of peer pressure and society.

Listening to the band’s music made those words heavily influence my decision to ditch those norms and be the person I really was, not who everyone expected me to be. Without him, I would not be that person today, nor would I be writing on this blog. So the name Monsterlady is a symbol of devotion to my idol and the band as a whole that also influences to write on here whatever I desire, for myself. It’s great if other people like what I write too, but I’m not changing for anyone.

So, do what makes you happy, and if other people like it, that’s a plus.

Yeah, that’s the short story, anyway, welcome to my little corner on the Internet!

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