Prodeus – Let Blood Splatter on the Walls

This is a game that I originally played in Early Access and the only one too. However I experienced a lot of issues with lag in FPS and tweaking the settings and resolution didn’t make a different. But, because I enjoyed a lot of things about the game already, I couldn’t bring myself to abandon it with a negative review. It was Early Access after all and not the final version, so I decided to hold off on playing it for a while until the devs patched it up a little more.

Then when it recently reached version 1.0 a.k.a. full release, I gave it another chance.

There isn’t much to say regarding the story. It’s basically you are a soldier sent to obliterate the forces of the Chaos and Prodeus dimensions to restore order. Well, that’s what I think it is, I’m basically just killing everything that moves in this game.

The graphics truly shine with being an ode to the classic DOOM games in the 90s, but with modernized gameplay from the newer games. You can’t glory kill but you can enjoy seeing enemies explode into puddles of their own blood!

I see they also added the coloured keys to access certain doors and switches and even the enemies are inspired by that series. That being said, I enjoy covering the walls with demon sauce!

Not sure what the blue enemies are but they come from the Prdoeus dimension and appear to be at war with the Chaos: which are demons to me. Anyway, the Prodeus dimension has a cool environment with its ammo replenishment stations.

Oh, and the soundtrack is great too and composed by the one and only Andrew Hulshult who did work for DOOM Eternal’s TAG 1 & 2. I think the best music was on the Marksman level which I enjoyed fighting too when not running from two snipers that I couldn’t reach until near the end of the level.

All in all, it’s a little less challenging than the two DOOM games that I’ve played but it’s still a fresh and authentic take on modern FPS games and I enjoy FPS games that focus on momentum and speed rather than resting to reload and recover because they are just a lot more fun and satisfying!

I’m glad I had a better experience with this game once I was able to finish it and if you like games like DOOM then check this one out.

Rating: 4 out of 5.



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