The Spaceman’s Birthday

It’s April 27th and do you know what that means? I haven’t done musician birthday wishes, nor have I done an entry about KISS in a while so now’s a good time to do so.

Happy birthday Ace Frehley!

He’s 64 today, or 65 I’ll have to double check. Even though I’m a fan of all lineups of KISS, don’t get me wrong I still greatly love the original lineup. Ace is a unique guitarist, and if he committed more to KISS then I believe he would still be in the band today. I think right now he’s celebrating how long he’s been sober and spending time with his daughter.

I do like him, in fact I never hated him or anything just because I like Tommy Thayer as well. I like Ace in a musical way and I love the song Shock Me and Rocket Ride, the only thing I don’t like about Ace is when he rambles on constantly about how much he hates what KISS is doing and talks shit about Gene and Tommy mostly. But other than that, he has a good sense of humor and a cute laugh.

But I’m going to stop there because it’s his birthday, this should be a positive post not a negative one. I’m heading out today to get some stuff done in about 30min so I think I’ll place some of Ace’s stuff while at it. I still have to check out Space Invader, and believe me I’ve been meaning to but I get sidetracked. Maybe I’ll listen to his solo album from 1978 while I’m out today.

Anyway, happy birthday Ace!


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