More Canada Tours

You know what really grinds my gears? Many metal bands out there that I love hardly ever acknowledge my country. There are some rare ones that do such as KISS, and they did a full on Canada tour in 2013.

But that’s just a small portion. Most bands will make announcements that they are going on a US tour but does that include Canada? Yes and no.

Yes because they may make one show in Toronto since it’s the heart of entertainment in this country, but that’s it. No because including Canada completely is doing something say from BC all the way to Newfoundland and the smaller provinces, oh and don’t forget about the people in the North too, do they ever get any concerts there? Probably not.

Sure the US is notorious for being the most powerful country in the world, but the demands for other places nearby are just as high. So why don’t we get it?

If I was the lead singer of a metal band I’d want to do a tour across Canada since it is, after all, my home country.

Like Megadeth might do an NA tour most likely next year and I’m hoping it includes Canada. Take a look at North America and view it as Mexico, USA and Canada. Not just the USA. I would greatly appreciate it.

Another problem with society to make a note of, that is all.


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