A Castle Full of Cats – The Curse of Fofiño

Another great indie game from Devcats has released this month just after Halloween and I was excited to dive into it that I bought it in a heartbeat and it was very affordable no less.

It’s the same gameplay as its predecessor so I don’t have as much to say like my last review. Just find the hidden cats in each of the room, but there are some changes such as the cats appear to be cursed and petting each of them turns them back to normal. Some rooms can’t be accessed until you find a certain number of cats per room.

As I played, I realized that there is more to it than just locating all the cats in each part of the castle, there are some hidden secrets as well that lead to additional rooms and a story behind it as well. You are playing as Lily who embarks to lift a curse placed on the castle and confront her friend Fofiño who has been enslaved by a master who hates cats and wishes to free him from that enslavement.

The foyer and pantry were available to play in the demo but with the full game it gets even better and aside from finding all the cats, I also was excited to discover all the secrets such as the missing kittens and the Gentelbros are no longer the only devs to create a Cathulhu! All of the cats in the game are based on real cats that are featured in the team of devs and they are present in the game to interact with offering pleasant little side quests to do before the final confrontation.

I also loved how eerie the soundtrack was in this game, even in the library which was the most difficult place for me to find all the cats. The graveyard and the dungeons were definitely the spookiest in this game and it took me more than one run of the game to locate the underground passage. Many things can be easy to miss in the game since anything you click on that isn’t a cat, there is no indication that your cursor has hovered over a point of interest so I once again have to click around to see what I can find.

In the end, I was happy to free Fofiño, it made my nearly cry to see him come to his senses and realize his wrongdoing and the castle becomes beautiful again, just like when the spell is broken in Beauty and the Beast! I can’t wait for the next game Devcats releases! I hope Cozy Room comes soon, they said it would be out this year but I won’t hold my breath since 2022 is almost over.

Anyway, great improvement from the last game, I’m still waiting for the next floor to be added but this one was a lot of fun to play in the meantime!

Rating: 5 out of 5.



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