Cinderella at the Gig

I finally had a proper dream that I can write about. But, I think that’s because the real trick is to not start writing about it immediately after waking up, especially if it’s not as vivid as I recall.

I had to think it through before writing it down because not only was I working but I wanted to get it right this time. I feel like my posts about my dreams have been declining and since this one contains someone I admire then it makes it easier to write about even if it is put off for a few days.

I was preparing to go to a concert in this dream at a medium-sized venue and was running late as I hurried down the street and people were starting to stare at me as I passed. I kept wondering why like was I wearing something so abnormal that would make everyone’s attention shift to me.

I pushed the doors open to the venue which was quite small like one of the club-sized ones in Toronto. I walked past the nearest mirror to see I had donned a beautiful frilly ball gown that looked a lot like the blue one America Singer was wearing on the cover of the first Selection novel. At first, I was confused, it was like the dream I had of Orden Ogan where I was searching for them in a wedding dress but as I’ve said to some of my friends. If I was dressing up for a band I love to either attract them all or a particular member, I’d rather wear a ball gown than dress like a stripper!

I shrugged and twirled in front of the mirror admiring the details of the dress and pushed my way through the second set of doors into the main room where the stage was. To my surprise, there was only a small crowd and they were a lot of girls my age. None of them were dressed like me but if this was a rock concert, they certainly weren’t dressed for that either, just basic clothes that I saw every girl in high school wearing except, of course, myself.

I looked at the drumset on stage and my eyes widened when I saw the words Motörhead written on the largest one at the bottom (I’m no drummer so I don’t know the names of the different types of drums) My heart jumped happily and since there was so much space I put myself in the front center but not pressed up against the stage railing, my heels clicking against the wooden floor. The other chatting girls were staring at me, perhaps wondering what the hell they were doing there and why was I dressed the way I was? Dreams just have this ability to put me in certain attire that makes me the center of attention!

I didn’t know these girls but it was like my dream about the Orden Ogan beauty contest all over again. I eventually found where the mic was, a little to the right and that was where I wanted to stand. The other girls were whispering things about me and when some of them also said they didn’t know who Motörhead was, I just wanted to pin them against the wall and educate them about what real music was. Now disclaimer, I have nothing against anybody who doesn’t like rock or metal music, but still, sometimes there are some musicians that are so iconic that everyone should at least know who they are even if you don’t like the music!

Then the lights went out and I glued my eyes to the stage, while the other girls just stared blankly at the blackout and I was trembling the whole time,

The first light shone on the drums and there appeared Mikkey Dee, raising his drumsticks high. I started jumping happily, waving my devil horns and then all the girls turned to look at me in confusion. I overheard one of them say:

Who is that ugly blonde who thinks he’s a girl?”

I wanted to bitch slap her. She was a tall brunette that reminded me of Celeste. Then again, America did attack her in the second book after Marlee’s punishment. But I stopped myself and just focused on Mikkey. Then Phil Campbell came onto the stage waving with his guitar strapped to him already, I smiled at him as he stood at the far left of the stage. My heart started racing afterward and the other girls were making rude comments or looking at their phones. Funny, I was wearing a dress, but I had no bag with me and not once have I ever had a dream where my smartphone was at my fingertips. Then a brighter light shone on the mic I was staring at on the stage.

Then there he was, Lemmy himself, walking onto the stage with his bass. I couldn’t contain myself and started jumping more and let out a little squeal. He heard me and smiled as he stood in front of the mic.

Good evening ladies! How is everyone tonight? We are Motörhead and we play rock n’ roll!”

The other girls winced but I kept a huge grin on my face. The band, especially Lemmy, didn’t seem to care that their audience had only one enthusiastic person present, and they went straight into playing. I jumped, twirled, and sang along to every song I knew and several times, Lemmy looked at me which made my heart thump more. I was certain I saw him even wink once.

By the time the band concluded, I was the only one left standing as the other girls had fallen to their knees or were in the fetal position like they were silently begging the music to stop as it was too loud for them. But of course, Lemmy wouldn’t give a damn.

I was cheering and twirling happily and told Lemmy that I loved him, to which he gestured with a thumbs-up smiling, and despite it being simple, I was blushing. Mikkey and Phil acknowledged me as well.

When the other girls rose from the floor one of them asked me what the hell was that and why it was so loud. I simply replied that they were too old if they thought it was too loud.

Then from a hidden spot on the side of the stage the three band members emerged. I quickly smoothed my dress and fixed my hair and makeup, but the other girls backed away from the band as they approached us. Phil was confused why they were scared of them, Mikkey was holding back laughter but Lemmy approached me as if there was no one else in the room, he said I looked beautiful and loved my enthusiasm. When he asked me where I got the dress, I was too starstruck to answer honestly, so all I could say was that I just threw it on.

Well, actually that is the truth because, if I had a chance at meeting any musician I love, I would doll myself up for them in a heartbeat whether it be in a dress or just a simple outfit that screams heavy metal with makeup and spiky accessories!

When I joked with him and said the other girls couldn’t handle the music, he said he didn’t care but laughed and made a joke that their music just sucks, which is why they hated it. Then he told me that I was different, a true believer in rock n’ roll and asked me if I wanted to grab a drink with him and the others.

I blushed and said I wasn’t much a drinker but before I could make it sound like it was a no, I quickly added,

But for you, Lemmy, anything. You’re Prince Charming taking Cinderella on the dance floor your way.

He smiled and as Mikkey and Phil came to introduce themselves, I was half-expecting Lemmy to offer me his arm but instead, his arm went around my waist. My heart was racing as the four of us walked out of the venue together.

I wish the dream continued on from there, but it wasn’t as lucid as the last one I had focusing on someone in my heart, so I ended up waking up just as we exited the venue.

These dreams and maybe some live videos, a.k.a virtual gigs (even if they have already occurred in real-time) will have to make up for the fact that I can’t see this band live. I really wish I didn’t miss out on the opportunity, but there’s nothing I can do other than immerse myself in their discography and play it loud, that’s what they would want any new fan to do.



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