Lord vs Lady Run

I am so exhausted and don’t have enough vivid dreams to write them down here, or they’re too personal to share! A lot of times they are lucid though. Like I think this one is very similar to the dream I had the night before I played Village for the first time and serves as a reminder to start the next chapter of my Heisenberg fanfic on my days off before I go through two night shifts.

Actually, I have already started the chapter and don’t plan to make it as long as the last. It might be one of those chapters that introduce my character to what her captor/host is all about.

In the dream, I was with Karl and we were going to Lady D’s castle because I had convinced him that he needed to get the other lords on board with his rebellion. So far we only had Donna on our side and I wanted to get Lady D over with. Let’s just say it didn’t go so well! Her daughters chased us throughout the castle and soon she joined the pursuit as well.

I ran for the elevator near the castle foyer that goes to the roof, Lady D was in hot pursuit and her daughters were swarming me. I called out to Karl in distress and he was swinging his hammer violently at the flies. I reached forward and grabbed his hand, pulling him into the elevator with me and slammed the up button. Lady D scowled in frustration. Karl started to complain that we never should have come.

Then we reached the rooftops of the castle and although we were safe from Lady D and her daughters, gargoyles were attacking us. There’s definitely no safe place there as we fought endlessly. What saved us, in the end, was some of Donna’s illusions with multiple dolls that distracted the gargoyles long enough for Karl and I to jump from the roof, down into the snow so we could retreat back to his factory.

I hope to have some decent vivid dreams worth writing about when I have to sleep during daylight on my scheduled night shifts later this week, I miss being able to write about dreams with more context than this.

Or maybe I get too busy with work to allow my brain to process what I remember from them and imagine the rest to generate a decent post. I have to find a way to continue to do that in my current lifestyle.


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