5 Things KISS "Fans" Need to Stop Complaining About

It’s really sad that one of my favourite bands has a fandom that’s full of fans that dislike too much change. You’ve already read about how much it bugs me, so I’m thinking that the KISS Army would be an even better place if the fans stopped complaining about the following and only then will I consider them fans in my view.

1. Paul Stanley’s voice: I don’t get what’s so lost about it. Paul needed vocal surgery, what’s the matter with that? Also, you can’t expect him to sound exactly the same the way he did live in 1974. It’s been 40 years, voices change as people get older. Mine will even sound different when I sing as I get older. Whatever the reason was for his vocal surgery I’m sure I could ask him myself via Twitter and maybe he would tell me if he’s willing to. When I went to see KISS live this year, I had no issues with the way he sang. I thought he sounded great, but idiots just miss his old voice too much.

2. Gene Simmons and the general things he does: Gene gets so much hate sometimes, and it nearly hurts inside since he is my favourite member. The hate comes from what he says and does. People get mad at him for doing things like saying things about Ace and Peter like they were cancer to the band. And we all know that what he means to say by that is that if those two still around, KISS would cease to exist because of personal chemistry issues. He’s right you know, I think that in order for bands to last, there not only needs to be good sound but also the band members need to get along. Also what’s wrong with him choosing not to smoke, get high, or get drunk? I think that’s the healthy way to go by not doing any of those things. Maybe that’s why he’s still in the band while Ace & Peter were getting drunk and high. If you show up to work drunk, don’t expect your job to last. You leave or get fired. If you don’t like him or what he says, that’s fine, but don’t waste your life getting mad at him for stating the truth or keeping the band going without those two who were hired guns. He’ll let go of the past one day, but for now just be glad he still keeps KISS going.

3. KISS’s new sound: Those who are stuck in the 70’s often whine like little girls what the music sounds like now. Since the music is what I deeply care about this is the only thing about the band that I take seriously. As far as I’m concerned pretty much all of the records I purchased did not disappoint me, yes including Sonic Boom and Monster. Idiots think that Monster sucks. Have you actually listened to the album? Or are you listening with your eyes instead, just because you see Thayer and Singer on the cover? If you haven’t listened to it you’re just assuming it sucks because of those two guys. If you have listened to it then perhaps you are still not giving it a chance. It sounds just like the hard rock and metal that I listen to so I give the album a five-star rating. The classic records I love to and always will. But that may not be the sound that they return to. Deal with it.

4. Their merchandise: Some fans just can’t stand the merchandise. Well you know what I say to that? What’s wrong with making merchandise? If I wanted a souvenir of my favourite band I’ll take it even if there is a huge variety to choose from. But this is what makes them complain is that they assume they are making too much of that and not enough music. One Direction is doing that merch. stuff too you know, and no one takes that seriously so why should the KISS Army see it differently? This one is not common as the other four listed but it still is known to occur.

5. Thayer & Singer/The Current Lineup: I’ll make this nice and short since I’ve talked about it a lot already. Band members come and go. Thayer and Singer have deep history with the band and most of you should know that by now, or maybe you do but refuse to acknowledge it. Ace and Peter left for their own reasons more than once and, sold their rights to the personas away. Gene and Paul do not want to change them because those four personas have become the icons of what the band is in image. There’s no point in changing it now, even though you can’t please everyone. Plus those two help make the band sound better and remember what I said about personal chemistry? The band is getting along great now and who knows how much longer they will go from here? How is a band not a band anymore just because it’s lineup is no longer original? Metallica is still Metallica even after Cliff Burton’s death. Lordi is still Lordi even after their numerous lineup changes. 95% of bands worldwide that are still around today no longer have their original lineups together. I would rather have a non-original version of a band that I love still together touring and making music than no version of that band at all.

How is it that true KISS fans do question and whine about such things as this? I’m one of those fans who doesn’t take the band as seriously. The only big expectation I have is that they keep making music and touring. When they’re gone I’ll always remember them. So it’s no wonder I have no issues with any of the drama. I mean, why should I get involved? I’m here to enjoy them while they last, not complain about how things once were in the past and should be right now. If you really think that the way they are now has ruined your childhood then here are your options which I think are better for you than wasting your life whining about it online: Ignore it and pull out a classic record to relive the glory days, or turn in your KISS Army badge permanently and find something else to listen to.

I hope this is the last time I rant about this. I would rather post positive things about KISS from now on.


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