The Ruining of Science Fiction and People’s Childhood.

As you may be aware of there will be a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie coming out this year. I didn’t grow up with any of the animated series, comics, classic movies, etc. but I saw a few episodes of one of the series on Teletoon and thought it was cool. (the time when that channel actually had the good stuff on it.) As far as I’m concerned the trailer looked awesome until my arch nemesis appeared in it: Megan Fox.

I came across the trailer unexpectedly on YouTube and watched it for the hell of it. At first I was impressed to see the action and aliens but the moment I caught sight of Megan Fox, I’m like “No, just no.” Bay is not directing this movie but he is producing it and I’m wondering if this was his idea to bring Fox back. But he fired her earlier because of her attitude earlier so maybe it wasn’t his idea, who knows.

All Megan knows how to do is be a distraction. In movies like this I think it should be about aliens and robots kicking ass. Not development of the human characters. If I want to watch a movie focused on character development I watch something like Gone with the Wind. Hollywood doesn’t consider what fans want do they?

I am considering seeing this movie but I’m going to pretend that Megan doesn’t exist because it’ll make me feel better. I’m suddenly reminded about what made the Transformers movies not perfect. It was based on Sam Witwicky’s pathetic life featuring Transformers. In the G1 series it was all about the Transformers. There were humans in that series too but they were not the main protagonists of the series. Same thing applies to the TMNT series and movies. Actresses like Megan are the cause of all this.

If it weren’t for them, and Hollywood, then everyone who just got in to this series or grew up with it wouldn’t be so disappointed. I think sci-fi these days is not the same. It’s still fun to watch the new stuff today but in reality it still has it’s flaws. Pacific Rim was pretty much perfect because it’s all about what fans really want to see based on the posters. I wish there were more movies like that.


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