Chai Tea and Cryptic Writings

I’ve decided to stop writing…………….

APRIL FOOLS!!! I just had to put that in there, and what better way to start it off attached to this?

I really need to have more heavy metal dreams, because it feels like forever since I had the last one.

I don’t own Cryptic Writings yet, but it is on my list of albums to buy, and this dream reminds me of my Megadeth fanfiction which sparked slight popularity, but I discontinued it because I couldn’t commit to it anymore. Maybe it was just the high demand I had on my shoulders at that time.

I also had a hard time picturing Dave as my age since I was using the lineup with Chris and Shawn. Please remind me to buy Dystopia as well, because I’ve neglected that for too long!

My God…he is perfection!

So, I had a dream last night that Dave was moving into my neighborhood with his family, just him this time at his current age, sober and all that shit. His kids had gone off somewhere to do their usual since they’re like, both grown up by now. So it was just him and Pam unpacking stuff. I had literally walked out the door to see them come out simultaneously. I was going out for a walk, and was wearing my favourite skirt with a girlie Megadeth top. (I don’t actually have a lady size one but now I want one!)

Pam was the first to notice me and she waved me to come over, I did with my whole body shaking and introduced myself as their new neighbor. I shook Dave’s hand and inside I just was itching to explode with fangirlism. 
He and Pam could tell I was a fan right away, so there was no need for me to rub it in! I asked them if they were done unpacking and invited them over. Pam said she had to go find where their kids had gone but Dave agreed to come.
In my house I made myself chai tea for myself and he said he wanted his to just be black. We didn’t jump into talking about music just yet, so I first asked him how he was liking the place and the usual.
After that, then I asked him what he was doing down here, and he said that the band needed a break and they wanted to start living somewhere else. I betcha if Dave believes in diversity as much as I do….he moved to my country in this dream because he doesn’t want to live in a country run by Donald Trump. 
After we finished tea, I showed him my room where I kept all my music and shared with him my favourite records and all the Megadeth albums I owned so far. He was impressed and told me to get Cryptic Writings next, not sure why, but I know the song Trust is the most well known.

After I showed him around, he said he looked forward to visiting again, and left. That’s when I woke up.

If only he was living alone, and my age in the dream, then we would have hit it off hehehehe….I love me some Megadave!


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