Come Away From The Crowd With Me

Just what I need on a day that turned out to be very busy!

It’s time for me to write about another Lordi dream, because I have to write about every single one that I have.

This one is a little weird and I thought it was going to go on forever. It started when a friend and I were talking on the phone and he reminded me that we had to meet at 10pm for Lordi’s concert at an arena. Most headlines go on at 9 or 10 but it still seemed really late. He then said he had to go because he was getting swamped with patients at his workplace who wanted Botox injections.

Mind you, I don’t actually have a friend who does that for living, maybe the reason this was mentioned was because I was reviewing some pharmacology notes earlier this week and covered Botox in one chapter! This friend whoever he is, doesn’t exist and possessed no resemblance to any of my current friends who are male.

Now, ever had one of those dreams where you are actually in bed and sometimes you think you’re about to enter a second dream within that dream? Well, that’s pretty common. It almost sounded like I wasn’t going to go to the concert in this dream.

But then, I jumped out of bed and rushed out the door to meet my friend. The place was not a concert venue but looked more like a dinner theater. All I could think of was:

“Lordi is playing here? This has to be a mistake, this isn’t their type of crowd.”

Then I knew I was right when the person who came onto the stage was not Lordi, but the singer Lorde and the crowd of people moved their tables closer so they could see her. I stormed off in disappointment.

One big hurdle with being a Lordi fan in a place where they are not as well-known is when people ask me who my favourite band is, and I say Lordi, they think I’m talking about the singer Lorde. The most embarrassing moment was when I told someone I liked Lordi and they said

“Ooh me too! I love Royals!”

I wanted to bang my head to the wall after hearing that answer.

I sat down inside an empty arena unable to accept the fact that I had been scammed. Why can’t she go by her real name, Ella instead? It’s a beautiful name and maybe then people would stop confusing her with my favourite supermonstars when they want to know my music taste.

Someone eventually came up to me and asked me if I was looking for Lordi. When I said yes, he said that the band was taking individual photos at a fan gathering in the next building. I instantly wiped away any potential tears and darted next door. The lineup of fans was very short, but when I finally had my turn, to each of them I said what I wanted to say. With Amen, I let him hug me from the side. Hella, we stood back to back linking arms like Elsa and Anna. OX, I let him lean on my shoulder. Mana, he was pointing at me as I leaned on him. Mr. Lordi of course I was hugging him after blurting out to him you know, how much I love and look up to him…yadda yadda.

This isn’t the first time I’ve had a dream about the scenario and I’ve had it even before I saw them live in 2017, perhaps it’s a sign that a second opportunity will come someday and this time I won’t have a brain fart from being starstruck and be able to get those words out he needs to hear. One of my friends tells me how easy the band is to talk to and that I will certainly touch his heart once I tell him he’s my idol and blah blah blah you know what else!

Alright, that’s it for now, I’m going to watch a movie or maybe a sitcom, cause that’s what I apparently do on Friday nights now.


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