Run From The Lady To Reach The Maestro

Dreams are so good at foreshadowing things that are going to happen in my life or my hobbies, and they’re also good at projecting fantasies into something more vivid.

I slept in this morning since I’ve been working late for two weeks straight and I woke up feeling extremely refreshed, but I go back to day shifts next week so I might be groggy on Saturday morning because I’m forcing myself to wake up early after tonight’s shift, to get back into the routine! At least I had a good dream to get myself recharged in the meantime.

The first part of the dream had me in Lady Dimitrescu’s castle, not as Ethan and not as my Dragon Master OC, but just as myself and she was chasing me around because her daughters just weren’t able to catch me. I hadn’t killed them, but they had complained to their mother that I was too fast and she angrily decided to pursue me herself.

She was very easy to outrun because well, obviously she only walked after me and I just sprinted across her castle clearly searching for something, I just didn’t know what. I guess this foreshadows what awaits me Village, even if it is just a small section of it. My friends and brother ask me why am I raving about the game if I haven’t even played it yet. I keep telling them, I’m going to play it, I really am. I decided to splurge and add it to my library on payday and once I finish Biohazard, I will play it.

Like I said, some parts of the game were leaked to me, including Lady D’s short role, some of Heisenberg’s scenes including the church one (then my crush blossomed!), and some sort of abomination in Donna’s house. That’s it.

When a game gets so big, sometimes it’s hard to escape some of it getting leaked to you whether you plan to play it or not. You know what they say, what is seen cannot be unseen, so I learned to eventually accept that and my genuine interest in the footage I saw made me decide that I’m going to play.

I think she slammed me through the floor at one point, then as I was running from her, I came into some sort of room that led into a set of futuristic roads and she didn’t dare follow me!

Then the dream cut to a completely different scene where I was packing my bags at home getting ready to stay in Kitee for a few days. I was invited to a grand ball there and already had a date, but I refused to tell my parents who it was. My mom was more interested in picking out a dress for me, but I had already chosen one, a creamy white strapless ball gown with a lacy hem and white gloves. I know, sounds more like a wedding dress but still!

When I arrived there, I suddenly remember who I was going with and you guessed it pyjaks, it’s Tuomas Holopainen, I mean why would it be anyone else I am smitten over if this ball takes place in Kitee? Hello?

The ball was under a bright clear night sky in a meadow and it didn’t take me long to find Tuomas in the crowd, given some of the suits and hats he wears in promotional shoots, he’d be incredibly easy to spot. But in this dream he was wearing a black version of the prince’s suit. When he saw me, I think he was crying inside and we immediately started dancing like Cinderella and Prince Charming just losing ourselves in each other until we were dancing away from the rest of the crowd and then under the stars in and around the fountain until he stopped suddenly. I asked him if he was alright and he just said that I was glad I came and that I was so beautiful, then his arms wrapped around my waist tight, pulling me against his chest and kissed me tenderly. I swear I nearly collapsed but instead I kissed him back forgot about the ball and everything else just wishing the dream was real.

Then I woke up and realized it was 8:30am.

This is not the first romantic dream I’ve had about him and you could say I believe in fairy tales to a certain degree. I would have liked to have not been running from Lady D though. I would much rather sit with her in the castle’s parlor with a cup of tea and talk to her about historical stuff, but I think she’ll have a glass of wine instead with someone’s blood in it!

One more late shift to go and I will free from that for at least the rest of the month.


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