My Brother Rabbit – Between Imagination and Reality

I’ve been clearing games on the backlog to pave the way for a big story-rich game that I had no idea existed until last year and I’ve already had several dreams about it. So, with that being said, here is another review of an indie game that was quite delightful and nostalgic.

My Brother Rabbit is a story about two children who use their imagination to get through tough times. When the younger sister gets ill and has to be admitted to the hospital, her older brother helps her cope with their favourite stuffed rabbit. In the rabbit’s imaginary world, he is searching to cure his friend the flower who is also sick. Two siblings that care deeply for each other, this game harnesses the power that imagination can have on people and that is why I never surrendered that part of me when I became an adult.

Honestly, the gameplay gives me so much nostalgia, you have to search for hidden objects to complete a collection and once you do, you take it to where it is used and solve a puzzle. Playing this game is like reading those books I had a lot of as a kid, those I Spy books where you are given a riddle and have to find all the hidden objects in the picture from that riddle!

A lot of the items I was able to find on my own, but sometimes I would spend twenty minutes looking for the last one that was part of a collection, where I would either take a short break or look up a guide!

The puzzles on the other hand are full of nostalgia, they involve doing lots of things like mixing or sorting colours, or like dominoes, I could go on forever about how delightful the puzzles are in this game! Some of them were a little trickier than others, but not overly difficult. I think there was only one that I ended up looking up the solution to!

Not to mention the graphics in this game are beautiful, not just the illustrations from the cutscenes but the overall scenery is just cute and colourful where anything is possible, where there are things you see that would never exist in real life. I liked seeing faces on things like giant fruit, watering cans, etc. As Yoda always said:

Truly wonderful the mind of a child is.

That is why I also agree with Albert Einstein on the importance of using your imagination, even in adulthood, it’s what makes my work on this blog flourish, not just the posts about the dreams I have, but with everything, really.

Anyway, another beautiful thing about this game to appreciate is the score, it is beautifully done, and emotional in a way, it also has a lovely theme song by Emi Evans and the entire soundtrack just fits the game like a glove.

I also enjoyed the parts of the game where I had to assemble a device because each time I did so, it would start creating music. The more pieces, I found, the more was added to the unique music and this was a clever move they did.

What else can I say, well it’s a very touching story and another game where there’s no dialogue but a story can still be told without it. Strong visuals and music make up for that in my opinion. I’m sure all of you can figure out what happens in the end. It’s simply a beautiful game that I’d say comes second to Gris in terms of my favourite indie games that shine in graphics and score and overall offer a serene atmosphere.

Beautifully done.

Rating: 5 out of 5.


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