Steam Summer Sale 2022 – What I Bought

Well well, I guess it’s that time again, I didn’t want to buy anything, my haul last year was considerably larger but there were a few games that I couldn’t resist getting, some of them were on sale for deals too difficult for me to ignore. I told myself I was going to get a little more than just what’s listed below but there will be other sales right? Right.

Not a big haul this year, but a pretty decent one. Now that the sale ended yesterday I shall share my tiny grab.


Probably the most expensive from the haul but this game won me over immediately when I found it. How could it not? You’re playing as a stray cat lost in a futuristic city with strange inhabitants. Some say it’s loosely based off of Cyberpunk, which I still have to play. Either way, I can’t wait to get into it, cats, sci-fi, things I love in one package so I caved in.

And it’s on sale until its release date two weeks from now so might as well go for it rather than pay full price. It’ll be lots of fun to play as a cat and see the world through the eyes of one. If I could give the cat a name, I would name them after Luke, my orange fur baby who passed away last Christmas to join his sister (my other fur baby who left this world in April last year) Myana.

A Plague Tale: Innocence

This was on my wishlist for a while and I wasn’t sure if I wanted it, but I’ve heard nothing but great things so when it was on sale for a deal too good for me to ignore, I once again succumbed.

It’s a story about Amicia and her little brother being hunted by Inquisition soldiers for reasons unknown in 1349 as a plague ravages through France. I’m guessing it’s Black Death if my history fact check is correct and there are also endless swarms of rats too. Since Amicia and Hugo are only children the only thing they can do to survive, is to evade the soldiers and fend off the rats with fire. This will definitely be a dark game and I can’t wait to try it.

PC Building Simulator

This was on my wishlist for a while and as most of you know, I did not build my rig Teletraan-1, but I did select the specs for it. But would I like to build my own PC someday? Yes, absolutely! I remember discovering this game as it gave you a rundown of how a PC is built and you can build your own.

It’s kind of like an educational game but it also looks like one of those simulator games where you’re not just messing around and that’s not my thing. I just want to learn how to build a PC and this could be one way I can start.

Other than that, I also bought a bunch of DLCs for Grim Dawn a game that looks a lot like Darksiders Genesis, and that’s it really. I almost bought a few more things on my wishlist that were on sale for under $10 like Lost Ember and Prey but there’s no rush. Plus I recently blew a lot of money on some new books after cleaning out my bookshelf and a trip to a certain city abroad that’s been on my travel bucket list since I was a little girl, so there’ll be other sales later!

Also, Q3 for Steam Deck shipping has finally arrived so I’ve been watching my email like a hawk, hopefully, mine arrives before my trip in September.



7 thoughts on “Steam Summer Sale 2022 – What I Bought”

  1. Very nice. I’ve been playing Grim Dawn recently and it’s more like Diablo 4 or Path of Exiles if you are familiar with those. I also am curious about Stray so I’m jealous you have that one haha

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    1. No I haven’t played those. But I love hack and slash games including top-down but not if they’re MMOs, Grim Dawn looked promising so I got it.

      Oh yeah Stray will be fun. I’m not going to dive into it immediately when it’s out but soon maybe once bugs are fixed.

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