Storytelling of My Journey

I love those dreams where I desire to get away from a huge social situation to either be alone or have intimate discussions with one or two people.

Some people, like my mother, don’t believe I am an introvert because I can be a motormouth around certain people which all varies by the person and the subject.

Don’t believe me, I did take a quiz and got INFJ so there.

People were building this massive wooden playground in this dream and I just sat in the corner imagining what future Pokemon games would be like.

When the structure was complete, I scurried out of there if I could not have the place to myself. Then I finally came outside looking for a place to fly a little. Some people witnessed me transform near a dumpster and asked me what it was loke being Dragon Master.

The dream then cut to several ever-changing images of my story I told them, like I was living in those scenes. It started with a storm of purple lightning and I was flying fast to find shelter faster as the abnormal clouds were forming until I crashed through the window of an apartment, folding my wings I saw more of the negative energy leaking into the room.

Desperately, I hurried for the door and the last thing I saw was a cross glowing from the energy. Whoever had lived here was obviously religious and the energy was infecting every inanimate object in each room. That was the last I remembered before waking up. But the story I told them was that being DM was not a simple task and much of it involved evading my foe’s unstoppable force when it was at full power.

Not the greatest dream compared to that last one with the corn maze and storms that followed but vivid enough to write.



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