I Caught The Killer Deal With It

A dream like this often reminds me of many of those movies where there is always a rift between law enforcement and whatever superhero has arrived to also protect city or the world from danger. In this dream, I was flying as Dragon Master, just keeping a patrol and then I saw a crime investigation… Continue reading I Caught The Killer Deal With It


Come To Me Legends

I must have had several dreams about this already and it often starts with me rising up into the sky, not as any of my OCs, just as myself. Then I'm calling to all my favourite legendary Pokemon to join me in whatever journey we're embarking on. It's no surprise because I've been hunting for… Continue reading Come To Me Legends


Undead Lord Under A Curse

Once again, dreams are giving me ideas for future fanfiction projects! I can't share all the details here but something tells me this dream, if I turn it into a fanfiction is going to involve curses, zombies and of course THE Zombie if you get my drift. There was one intimate scene I recall from… Continue reading Undead Lord Under A Curse


Streaking Green Sky High

I'm not surprised that I had this dream last night, especially since I've been doing a lot post-game in Shining Pearl, I've caught several legendaries in the past month. Azelf and Uxie were the first. Then I used my master ball on Giratina, and last week I caught Heatran, Registeel and Regirock (actually, Regirock I… Continue reading Streaking Green Sky High


If The Dragon Master Had A Video Game

With many dreams and other ways of fantasizing, plus my love for gaming, I sometimes wonder, what kind of video game my Dragon Master OC would have? It didn't hit me until a dream I had one night that reminded me of an old GameCube game I once had. The second Spider-Man film in the… Continue reading If The Dragon Master Had A Video Game


The Two Princesses of Bamarre – Quest for the Gray Death Cure

Starting off 2022 with another childhood book review that I never got a chance to read by the same author. I always feel like all I do when on the night shift is work and sleep, but when it's quiet, I can do lots of reading. This story takes place in the kingdom of Bamarre.… Continue reading The Two Princesses of Bamarre – Quest for the Gray Death Cure