The Silent Storm

I love a dream against my nemesis that takes my mind off the things that occurred in reality! It started with me getting off a bus from another city, assuming it was where I worked because being Dragon Master isn't a paying job; at least that is how I have made it. When I stepped… Continue reading The Silent Storm


Storytelling of My Journey

I love those dreams where I desire to get away from a huge social situation to either be alone or have intimate discussions with one or two people. Some people, like my mother, don't believe I am an introvert because I can be a motormouth around certain people which all varies by the person and… Continue reading Storytelling of My Journey


Undead Lord Under A Curse

Once again, dreams are giving me ideas for future fanfiction projects! I can't share all the details here but something tells me this dream, if I turn it into a fanfiction is going to involve curses, zombies and of course THE Zombie if you get my drift. There was one intimate scene I recall from… Continue reading Undead Lord Under A Curse


Streaking Green Sky High

I'm not surprised that I had this dream last night, especially since I've been doing a lot post-game in Shining Pearl, I've caught several legendaries in the past month. Azelf and Uxie were the first. Then I used my master ball on Giratina, and last week I caught Heatran, Registeel and Regirock (actually, Regirock I… Continue reading Streaking Green Sky High


If The Dragon Master Had A Video Game

With many dreams and other ways of fantasizing, plus my love for gaming, I sometimes wonder, what kind of video game my Dragon Master OC would have? It didn't hit me until a dream I had one night that reminded me of an old GameCube game I once had. The second Spider-Man film in the… Continue reading If The Dragon Master Had A Video Game


The Two Princesses of Bamarre – Quest for the Gray Death Cure

Starting off 2022 with another childhood book review that I never got a chance to read by the same author. I always feel like all I do when on the night shift is work and sleep, but when it's quiet, I can do lots of reading. This story takes place in the kingdom of Bamarre.… Continue reading The Two Princesses of Bamarre – Quest for the Gray Death Cure


Steam Summer Sale 2021 – What I Bought

It's that time of the year pyjaks and it's extremely easy to fall for! Sometimes I don't want to because my backlog is big enough already but I've actually done a decent job clearing some things off of it the past month. Sure it may not have been like ten games, since working full-time has… Continue reading Steam Summer Sale 2021 – What I Bought