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Bend Over and Pray the Lord

I got my hands on Scarchives Volume 1. last September containing Lordi’s unpublished album Bend Over and Pray the Lord which was originally supposed to be their debut until the record label went into bankrupt and the album was never released.

It’s a good thing the band was able to put this together so we fans could hear the very first music of Lordi back in the day before Get Heavy and now I will tell you what I think of it.

Definitely not the melodic Lordi I have grown used to so I’m almost reminded of To Beast or Not To Beast. Mr. Lordi’s voice sounds really different in this album and I’ve also heard he that he did a bit of guitar but soon stopped and I think that’s because of how messy it was according to the back story that he wrote about the making of this album. The best songs on this album for me would have to be: Playing the Devil, Cyberundertaker, Idol (which is dedicated to Gene Simmons, surprise surprise), Paint in Blood, and Hulking Dynamo.

If you listen to the track Steamroller it has the same intro lyrics as Who’s Your Daddy from The Arockalypse album. Looks like Mr. Lordi wanted to use those lyrics because he didn’t get a chance to do so when writing the music for The Arockalypse there it is! Also another good thing about this album is you get to hear G-Stealer on bass. Remember him Lordi fans? He always reminds me of Kita because their costumes look almost identical but Kita’s is a lot more different than G-Stealers.

Death Suits You Fine was the only track on the album that did not ring a bell for me. It was way to soft and slow. I guess it’s just not the Lordi song that makes me jam if you know what I mean.

There’s also Get Heavy on there which was the original recording which sounds much more different than the way the song sounds on the Get Heavy album which is quite interesting.

The whole story Mr. Lordi wrote about the making of the album itself is a good read and actually funny to because you know Mr. Lordi he’s got great humour! I just love how he thinks who the hell would wanna listen to rap in Finnish. Me and Mr. Lordi have something in common: We hate rap.

Definitely a must have for hardcore Lordi fans. Too bad it’s sold out now but it’s a good thing I got a copy!


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