Amnesia, Relics and Omega Keys

Just finished watching season 2 of Transformers Prime. I’ve been literally binge watching for the past three days, because the series will be taken off Netflix on the 17th. Lucky for me, if I prioritize this; I should finish season 3 in no time seeing as it is only 13 episodes, and S2 was 26.

But first, here are my thoughts on season 2.

Well suprise, suprise. It kicked off with Optimus having amnesia, being reduced to Orion Pax who he once was. Am I mad about him temporarily becoming a Decepticon, before regaining his memory as leader of the Autobots? No, in fact I was okay with it. Now, if he started fighting alongside of Megatron and the ‘cons in battle then, yeah I’d be a bit upset.

M.E.C.H seriously got on my nerves ever since I met them in this series, but to take Bumblebee’s T-COG or whatever you call it. Hell no, but thankfully he got it back and Starscream’s without one!

The majority of the season after that, in my perspective has relic-hunting involved. It doesn’t seem that exciting until the relics found get REALLY powerful.

The season didn’t get really edge-of-my-seat exciting until the episode when the Decepticons found the star-sabre sword. When OP pulled it outta that rock, that was epic. Then Megatron gets like, a Dark Energon version and dukes it out with OP in the following episode. Those scenes never fail to keep my attention on them, because, well how often do we get an epic showdown between those two?

I almost lost hope when Megatron shattered it, but oh wait it gets worse! 
There were some really tide-turning events when Arachnid eventually got locked up in stasis, Starscream has been on a downward spiral throughout this season and it seems that Dreadwing has taken his place. There was also Wheeljack coming back again, and Smokescreen joining the team. Smokescreen’s a rookie but he’ll get better.

Most of the relics in the hands of the Autobots is a good thing, until we learn about the Omega Keys. As soon as I heard the word “Omega” I immediately thought of Omega Supreme, hoping he would actually appear in this series. But turns out, once all these Omega Keys were found………well eventually, stolen by Starscream, causing him to regain Megatron’s trust. Those Omega Keys unlocked the ability to restore the wreckage on Cybertron. On Earth, they could cyber-ify the planet.
Turns out after stealing the keys back from the ‘cons the Autobots are once again tricked to giving them back, when the ‘cons use the humans as bait. Very common approach. Then OP chose to stop the Omega Lock from doing its thing, preventing Cyberton from being restored, to save his human allies. That must have been a tough decision, but upon returning to Earth, the Autobots are now on the run now that the ‘cons know where their base is!
I wonder where they’ll go next. Watching OP choose to stay, I have a bad feeling about this. Something’s gonna come up in the next season that I don’t think I’m gonna like. But watching the Autobots use the relics against the ‘cons and OP gets his epic star sabre back, yeah, definitely worth watching!

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