Irreplaceable Specimens

It’s been a while since I’ve had a good nightmare worthy of writing. If it’s got something to do with some sci-fi, horror or fantasy universe that I love, then sure yeah I’ll definitely write about it!

However, if I had a nightmare about something representing what’s going on in real life, I’d keep that to myself.

Nothing is more horrifying than being chased around by weird creatures that are very hard to kill. They were in cryo-stasis for a long time after studies on them were terminated. They were monitored as they grew, so they could learn the effects of imulsion in hopes of achieving a way to perhaps resist mutation from it.

The first of Lambent humans studied during the Pendulum Wars said to be the forefathers of the Locust they say.

If you don’t know what this is, you’re living under a rock……just kidding! No, I’m serious you are!

The Sires, remember these bad boy bullet sponges?

Every time I have dreams related to Gears of War, it’s always something life-threatening, terrifying, and memorable. I have had so many dreams of outrunning that wall of debris (well actually I think it’s just a rolling sphere of debris) that were not always taking place inside a giant worm. Then I had a dream of being alone underground, armed with only a pistol and with only a rock worm for company before being hunted down by Skorge.

This time I was dreaming that my town was under attack by an army of Sires. They were running berserk killing everyone and breaking things. I was eating out at Tim Horton’s when I heard screaming outside. I put down my tea and muffin and looked out to see people running away, and then someone banged on the window telling us to get out of the city. Suddenly, a Sire came up behind him, grabbed him and threw him against the building across the street. The windows broke seconds later and everyone panicked. I jumped over the counter and took the back exit out through the kitchen ignoring the staff that I wasn’t supposed to be back there until they started screaming from the Sires attacking.

I ran down the quick alley to the street and it was full of people running away and the Sires were chasing and killing them, flailing their arms as they ran, and smashing walls and windows. The military still hadn’t shown up yet. I started running in the same direction as everyone else.

This would be a good time for me to pick up a MK-2 Lancer right? Remember how infuriating it was to fight the Sires in GOW2? Depending on what difficulty you played on, and your typical tactics, well I found them to be bullet sponges. You can knock em down several times but you won’t know they’re dead once they scream on the ground, they’ll get up several times before finally falling. I’ve always relied on my chainsaw bayonet to kill them since they’ll fall to pieces and stay on the ground indefinitely. But God, there are so many of them. One breaks out of its pod every time I turn around, so it feels like hours where I’m cutting them all up before I can finally get out of that room!

Anyway, back to the dream. I was running and then I was pursued by two Sires body-checking one another like “She’s mine,” “No she’s mine!” Then another one jumped from atop a building nearby to try and tackle me. I spun aside and then I heard Ravens in the sky. (By that I mean the King Raven choppers, not the actual birds!)

Soldiers began dropping to the ground and battle broke out. I kept running and witnessed a Sire tear out a COG Gear’s arm, beat him with it and ran away. I picked up the Lancer from his corpse, got into cover at a flipped car. I looked over the top and tried to shoot a Sire and then one of the Gears came next to me.

“Uh ma’am do you even know how to use that thing?

Once I turned to look at him it was Dom beside me taking cover behind the car.

How hard could it be. I started shooting at the incoming Sires once again and then I ran away chased by several Sires taking probably minutes to reload. By the time I managed to figure it out, I touched something and nearly dropped my weapon in shock when the chainsaw bayonet activated. But then it didn’t take long for me to change my reaction to “Oh yeah! Now we’re talking!” I went on a rampage slicing and dicing every Sire that came charging at me. I bet Dom was thinking the whole time: “Gee, she’s lucky those things don’t use guns, otherwise she would be toast going blazing like that.”

I don’t know what happened, but somehow I just picked it all up like that. Then Dom signaled a Raven to come in when the area was clear and invited me on board. I sat down between Marcus and Jace, introducing myself. Dom said; “Well I was wrong about you, you’ll make a mighty fine Gear,”

Marcus looked at me not so enthusiastic about the idea and I just giggled and waved at him as we took off.

I don’t think that was all of the Sires we killed but just enough to escape. Nothing is better than slicing apart when they run amok.


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