Sacrifice Memories Past

Sometimes I look at things I do on here and think it’s not enough. For instance, two years ago I started doing weekly posts of songs that I was listening to. I would always publish them on this particular day of the week.

Of course, that was back during the time I was actually trying to monetize this place, when I WANTED people to come here, and when I cared about pleasing people. But inside, I had motives inside of me from my gut and others that I had originally started this blog for myself and to feel like this was my safe haven on the Internet.

After I decided to cancel monetizing this place due to how unsuccessful it was, overtime, I felt like those particular Monday posts had lost their true purpose. The good thing about them was that viewers could get to know me through my music taste. But, it was like that was for them, not me.

I had slightly over eighty of these posts and I looked back and realized that most bloggers, Instagrammers, and all that shit were doing things like something for every day of the week because they WANTED people to see their content. They were doing it for business. Was I doing this for business? No, and either way, none of them attracted much attention. You have to be honest with yourself; if you’re writing something and your fans enjoy it, but you don’t think you’re enjoying it yourself anymore: then maybe it’s time to stop. Eventually, those Metal Monday posts felt like a chore and I didn’t know it at first. I would sometimes pick songs because I had to. Not because I was listening to it that week.

But I felt like I was far more absorbed and got more of my writing done here, when I was writing about something else like a dream that I had, or a story I wanted to share. Those were things I wrote for myself, and I would enjoy them much more.

If blogging is just my hobby, perhaps maybe it’s time for me to change some things up. Some of my friends I’ve noticed them do monthly features instead like pick a few songs that they were listening to that month, and they were hobby bloggers too.

But, it seems like doing weekly stuff is more suited around the business writers, and I’m not trying to make this a business. So, now that I’ve abolished something, the question remains, what will replace it? I guess it was nice because it was also what motivated me to keep writing, and I don’t want to come on here to just blog about major things that are on my mind. I’m open to suggestions.

If I don’t want to do this every week, and just want to blog when I feel like it when say, I had a strange dream, a concert, or want to review something in a video game, it would still be nice to have something.

What about doing 5 monthly songs? Sure it’ll be less demanding of me, and since it would not be as often, it would feel more like something I’m doing for myself, and not to gain traffic. It seems like a decent idea, but then again even if I can’t find something to replace Metal Monday, maybe I’m just better off writing about whatever I want when I want.

And don’t worry, you’ll still know what my music taste is when you come here.


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