Just Let Me Speak

That dream definitely lasted longer than I thought and putting the pieces together makes me think of those dreams where you see somebody famous that you admire and you just want to talk to them.

I’m not the kind of person who immediately jumps to requesting autographs on the spot, I want to be more social with celebrities if the opportunity arises.

In this dream, I was staying at some kind of resort and sharing a room with multiple people. There were like, six beds in that room with desks up front. The resort was on a beach with castle-like structures

Due to the number of people in the room, we had to share beds with one other person. The person I was sharing my bed with was a girl that very much reminded me of one of my coworkers due to her race and appearance. I kept telling her that there was this man who slept across the room who would disappear late at night, and when he came back he slept the whole morning.

There was something about him that made me think he was Mr. Lordi, so I kept asking my friend for advice, but I was never able to speak to him since he was either asleep across the room or out.

One night after slipping in and out of my dreams I decided to go out and look for him. I heard his voice all around me but he was nowhere to be seen. I wept hard on the balcony of the battlement believing I had missed my opportunity forever.

Then, that was when I heard a familiar voice ask if I was looking for them. I looked up and there he was, fully clad and glammed up, just the way I like him. I took his hand to stand up and started to smile struggling to find my words, and I woke up.

I probably threw my arms around him if I could remember more of this dream. I’ve had only one dream of Mr. Lordi that goes exactly the way I want to.

I must get my sleep caught up because I’ll be doing seven shifts in a row this week.


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