Princesses Under The Moon

In order for me to write an interesting dream, I feel there needs to be something familiar present in order to assemble the pieces of the puzzle of what remains.

My first thought of this dream was a song I made up and wrote the lyrics for on a whim. I thought it was an original melody, but then I realized it was similar sounding to a song from Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron.

I’m no Tuomas Holopainen so I don’t write music, just lyrics, but this was not only inspired by that movie but also a chapter of one of my favorite manga series with the same name and I was singing it in this dream.

Let’s be real, I don’t think any songs are 100% original. It’s always going to be based off of a certain melody that already exists!

The only context I remember from this dream was I was singing this song and the name of it is the title of this post. I was flying over a massive city with neon-lit buildings like I was in Vegas. I have never been to Vegas and if I were to visit some day, I think I will just go for the food, shopping, sightseeing and performances. Gambling doesn’t interest me!

But aside from flying over the city, I was looping in the sky, diving down between buildings to go just above the roads while continuing to sing, oblivious to anyone watching me. Then I soared up high until the city lights could no longer be seen from the clouds obscuring everything and that’s when I saw the full moon. It was a sign of hope that things will get better in life.

I wanted to sing that song softly at work, but I would have to write down the lyrics to do so.


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