Red Lightning Parachute

I wrote once about how I would skydive if given the opportunity and that’s just what I’m doing in this dream instead of becoming my OC.

I went up in the plane alone and jumped out, never screamed or hesitated since I’ve never really been afraid of heights. I’ve always asked myself, when is the right time to pull the cord and which one do you pull if there’s more than one?

This took place above an open grassland with only one road. When I pulled the cord, my parachute was bright red with a single lightning bolt in the center. I sang to myself contemplating the view before tumbling onto the grass.

It took me a while to crawl out from the parachute and I walked on with it dragging behind me. Is this the part where someone picks you up? I think in this dream I was just doing something fun to escape reality for a little bit.

Speaking of that, I have another game review scheduled for next week and I’m trying to spread posts like that to make room for other topics.

It’s an indie one this time so stay tuned.


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