For the Matoran

These dreams start to occur more often when I finish work late and don’t wake up until 7 or 8am the next day to rinse and repeat. I seem to remember them well, but only for a short while.

It’s like my brain is demanding I sit down immediately and write about it before it fades too much.

It was like in this dream, I was still in college just walking through the large foyer area where students like to hang on the stairs. It was just the like the dream where Samael came to visit!

Until something started to beep, I thought it was my phone until I noticed on my wrist was a little communicator similar to watch. When I turned it on it was the voice of Vakama warning me that a massive threat was emerging in the Pacific ocean close to the magic barrier that concealed Mata Nui from the rest of the world and that the Dragon Master was the only one capable of stopping it.

I didn’t even need to give him an ETA, I just flew towards the island and saw the monster rising up, it was like a crossover between a Kaiju and a Rahi.

It readied rockets on its shoulders like a Revenant and I spun sideways. I could see the Toa and Matoran watching from the island’s shore cheering me on. Perhaps their combined forces could not defeat the monster, or they didn’t know where it came from and unknown forces were not their specialty.

The battle was long and grueling and my fire was ineffective, and then I saw the glowing core at its chest. Making a circuit around the monster, it roared in frustration and then I dove into its robotic mouth down the tunnel of guts and metal. The creature began to plunge itself underwater, perhaps hoping to fill itself up and drown me before I could destroy its source.

It was like flying to the second Death Star’s main reactor with the tight quarters of pipes and other metal pieces between arteries and muscles. This thing was definitely a cyborg and as I continued to fly, the lights were starting to flash around me and eventually it turned red and water began to fill my surroundings. There wasn’t much time left until the inside was completely submerged.

Then the core was in my sight and more of the walls started to crash and open towards the sea, the only light was the core itself. The turquoise gem on my chest began to glow and I unleashed a beam towards the red core. The room was illuminated by the blue obliterating the red until the entire place filled with water. I swam for the nearest opening and out into the ocean abyss, it was deep and almost pitch black, and I watched as the creature sunk further below to wherever the bottom was. It had basically destroyed itself and tried to take me down with it.

I struggled to reach the surface, and saw smaller Rahi swimming towards me, those of the deep most likely. I tried to swim faster but a red beam burst from one of them without any time for me to react. Was I really going to drown? I started to close my eyes but just before I could, a blue figure was approaching me, and the first thing I thought of was Gali coming to save me. I had woken up by the time I felt myself rising towards the surface with her.

One of the advantages of working late and sleeping as soon as I get home is having vivid dreams like these. If only this happened every night regardless of what shift I’m on.


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