A Building Full Of Cats – Pet Them All

It’s time for another little indie game ramble! I wish I could remember if I bought this before or after the summer sale this year but it was really cheap and it’s another game about cats so yeah. I should make a category in my Steam library for cat games!

While the residents of this small condo are all on vacation, your job is simple, find all the cats in their apartments and pet them. You do this just by clicking on them! That’s it, but to me it was really cute and fun because each floor had something different to offer, there was a different theme.

The first floor is like your typical crazy cat lady and nothing in these rooms is in order and everything is pink! There are two rooms on each floor, with a living area and couch and then there will be another door to the far right that leads you to a bathroom.

I’m really loving the art in this game, like this bathroom on the 5th floor was my favourite, it wasn’t too messy but it had a nice big mirror and there was jazz music playing as I searched for all the cats.

I think my favourite floors were 2 and 3, they had the best music, though the latter stuck in my head for much longer. Whoever lives on the second floor loves their plants and the cats are getting at all of it, while the person on the third floor must be a fortune-teller or something. I knew there was going to be a hidden secret cat in the crystal ball!

Speaking for which, some cats are very well hidden, they blend in with the rooms, but some of them are secret ones where you have to click on things like cushions and cupboards to open them to find even more cats hidden there.

The trickiest part is some cats are really tiny, so I will be looking around the room for five minutes for the last cat only to look at a guide that’ll highlight what I’m missing. That’s one disadvantage to this game is that if you’re stuck, there are no hints in this game to help you out.

EDIT: Not long after I published this review, the devs did add a hint system that can be used once per floor.

Finally, there’s a little side story here, there was one cat on each floor that looked different from the others and every time I found them, they would meow and flee three times before I would earn an achievement for finding it. Then at the very end you find that cat on the roof. The game will then tell you that this cat is a stray and ask if you want to adopt it. Of course, my first instinct which is downright natural for me as a cat lover is I said yes, the cat was grateful!

Other than that, it’s a simple and cute game about finding and petting cats, I love these where you search for hidden objects. It’s got beautiful graphics and music, and it’s inexpensive so I’d say it’s a winner for me.

Rating: 5 out of 5.



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