Starting Over

I know it seems so sudden. I stopped playing Skyrim for almost two whole months because of recent distractions. Just like my brother I found myself starting the whole game over again, but he’s done it way more times than me! I’m the same race as I was before but not pursuing as many skills as earlier. One thing I’ve learned from my brother is that if you manage too many things at once it can be harder to level up faster which in my perspective, leveling up a lot is a good thing.

Earlier I was focusing on one handed weapons, light armour, destruction magic, restoration magic, alchemy, sneak, archery, and enchanting from what I can remember. I found that that was a little too much so I restarted and narrowed it down a little by taking out the alchemy and magic. Now it’s one handed weapons, light armour, archery, sneak, and enchanting which I guess is a little better but only time will tell as I progress further this time.

This time I’m actually hoping to complete the main quest, but I think I should kill the Blades after the Alduin’s Wall quest.


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