Twice in a Lifetime Rocking and Rolling All Nite

I have great news everyone! I was going to write this last Saturday but I’ve been really busy lately since the semester is almost over. You know what that means: A few more papers and presentations due, and exams. It sucks but if I maintain a schedule and a positive attitude I will survive.

So, what’s this big news? I think the title gives it away, well on August 12th at the Molson Amphitheater, once in a lifetime……..of rocking and rolling all nite and partying everyday will become twice in a lifetime!

KISS is going on their 40th anniversary tour this summer and I just bought tickets for their show in Toronto, the only show in Canada this year. The rest of the tour is in the states but that’s understandable, they wanna make up to their American fans that didn’t get a chance to see them last year. Last year was the Monster tour and they did a full on Canadian tour, so yeah. I asked Paul on Twitter if KISS would be returning to Toronto again this year, and he said yes. It’s a one city you can’t miss when touring North America obviously!
I had never thought I would get to see KISS again, I thought that they would probably retire after my first time seeing them last summer but I was wrong. They tour almost every year. I’ll be sitting in the 400 section again because it’s the only one I can afford right now. I know I said on my bucket list that I would like to see them again but with a bigger experience like front row or meet & greet but sadly I still lack the amount of money to make that part of the dream come true but I never lose hope. I plan on getting a job after my college program finishes in August so there’s a start. 
I’m also hoping (like I was before I saw them for the first time last year) that nothing comes up that cancels the show, it rains or I have something in college that I have to do that day or the day after. I hope I don’t have an exam the day after the concert because that would suck. But as we move forward we’ll see what happens. What will I be wearing this time? That’s easy, my Demon costume from Halloween of course! 
Now’s the time for me to say: Watch out KISS!! I, the Goddess of Thunder shall return to see you again this summer! I will be prettier and more ready than ever. So you better be ready for me, especially you Gene my Demon! ❤

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