Deeper into Republic Grounds

I’m getting engrossed in PC gaming as well as picking up Halo 5 again. So it’s no wonder on Friday nights I’m up late in front of my laptop doing this if I’m not in the mood for writing!

Skyrim was one RPG game that I could never finish, but this is one game that I definitely want to beat, main quest and many side quests as possible. Fellow Star Wars fans, and even those from the Halo fandom said this might interest me. I love the eras of the Old Republic and Clone Wars so why not?

Knights of the Old Republic, I had heard so much about so I decided to start playing it. I made a Steam account not so long ago so I could play Battlefront II. Then one of my friends from the Halo fandom asked if I would be interested in KOTOR. If this was a Jedi game then bring it on! He sent me the game as a gift on Steam and saved starting my play through until the end of the last semester. RPG is time consuming!
Anyway, I’m writing this because this game is finally starting to get good. Things seemed really slow where I was first starting off. I picked a soldier class female and named her after my OC. Then the next thing I knew, I was stuck on the planet Taris with a fellow soldier and we were supposed to find a Jedi named Bastila.
With RPG games these days, I like to go around and talk to many people as possible to get side quests from them so I can level up and be stronger in the upcoming battles related to the main quest. Like in Skyrim, I remember it was already really difficult to face that one frost troll on the 7,000 steps under level 10. I would always prepare extra for that, but there was one time that I didn’t stand a chance because I was still a weak level, so I ran past it until it gave up and I made it to High Hrothgar. 

Taris was a Sith-quarantined world, and I didn’t like it right away. I would talk to everyone in hopes of getting light side points from helping others. Once I made it into the lower cities, I would literally do one fight with the gangs that threatened me, and head back to the upper city to restore my health at the med bay without wasting first aid kits.

The combat in this game doesn’t seem that great at first, but now I seem to have got used to it.

I have a habit of picking up all the items a corpse has when I loot them. Never know when you might need them later on.

 Turns out it felt like a shit ton of stuff I had to do for other people just so I could reach Bastila. Go to the Hidden Beks, find Mission Vao, help her free her Wookie friend Zaalbar, steal a prototype from the Black Vulkar base, and win a race to claim Bastila as a prize.

Vulkar base was a nightmare, it takes such a long time to level up in this game. Honestly I thought the racing part was going to be the typical race: first one to reach the finish line wins. But no, instead it was whoever finishes the fastest wins.

There’s no doubt Bastila has an attitude when I first saw her. But I’m hoping she’ll warm up eventually. She never took out her lightsaber, but I have a feeling that she will really soon. Just after I saved her, I had a vision and it could be the sign that I’m force sensitive! Yay! I was wondering when something like that might be suspected. I hope I can choose what kind of lightsaber I want when the time comes. But right now, it would be nice to get off Taris first. I feel like I have been stuck on there forever. There’s no way this game would take place on just one planet.

Mission Vao is pretty cool out of all the Twi’leks I’ve met in this game so far. Most of them don’t speak English in this game, and speak rather slowly. I wonder if swearing a life debt is a common thing that Wookies do. Carth is someone I’m suspicious about, he doesn’t seem to trust me. We’ll see where that goes in the hours to come next time I play.

In fact I think I might play some more once I finish writing this.

I just wanna get off Taris, because after what I’ve been through, I’ve had enough of that place. I want to see some more places, preferably ones that are not in Sith control.

No, I just want my character to become a Jedi now! I can just picture myself losing it when it happens since this character is supposed to be…well….ME after all.

Now if you will excuse me, I think I’m going to continue playing.


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