It’s Okay to Treat Yourself

Today seemed like a day where I would do nothing. I thought about getting some cleaning done, watering the garden, and then just doing nothing other than play some video games. But instead, I felt like today was a day where I needed to get out and do something fun.

I usually don’t go to movies alone, but for some reason I had a desire to do so today. I know I’ve spoken that things like movies, concerts, etc. are more fun with friends, and I still stand by that. However, perhaps I occasionally need to treat myself to an event. I do, after all, consider myself a woman who doesn’t need someone to depend on, and when friends are busy, that’s when the time comes to treat myself. I always try to treat myself every month, but most of the time it’s a shopping trip to the mall or a major online purchase. So yeah, today was different, I was like: “I always treat myself to a shopping trip. Let’s go to a movie instead.”

I doubt this’ll be something I make a habit and spend too much money on! I went to see Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, because you know me: if it’s sci-fi, I watch it regardless of what the critics say. The only sci-fi movie I recall passing on was Jupiter Ascending, but for good reason.

I feel like the movie had a lot of plot holes, but it’s a good popcorn flick if you love sci-fi in general like me. Lots of aliens living in harmony with humanity on a Citadel-like station. Just like Mass Effect, hell even the movie title has that line streak through it like ME does! 

At first I thought I was going to be the only one in the theater, but then again I’m always early for these things, and for some reason my hidden competitive spirit emerges when TimePlay begins! I frequently deny that part of me exists, but there’s no point hiding it now.

It wasn’t until the movie was over when the theater started to get packed, especially with kids darting around. I’ve learned two lessons recently when it comes to seeing movies.

1. On weekdays in the summer, if you’re off that day: try to catch a movie that starts at midday if you want to avoid all the families and have a quieter crowd in the theater.
2. Don’t go to a Cineplex theater on Tuesdays. Those are their half-price days and you’ll get more kids and teens coming in.

The benefits: no noises of the little ones who can’t sit still, and a good chance everyone will behave and shut their phone off. Last year I had the unfortunate experience of sitting between a group that wouldn’t turn their phones off, and another where they wouldn’t shut up.

Oh, and I also saw Wonder Woman recently with my dad. I needed to eventually, and I absolutely loved it. I think it brings back the media’s attention that we need more movies with strong independent women. Even though movies like that existed before this one, sometimes that role gets briefly forgotten until you put out a successful movie that centers around it. Now, it looks like it’ll make it onto my list of favourite movies with strong women in them. I want to see it again!

I honestly wasn’t expecting that plot twist as to who was Ares all along.

There was no movie picture so this’ll have to do, but hey no loss, this looks more badass! Why do I foresee him in my dreams?
I feel like I should do this more often, but treating yourself to an event is harder than for a material object like a new necklace (speaking of which…..errrr I’ll just save it for the article about it). This isn’t something you can do every month I find. I don’t see myself doing it with a concert because those types of events are very personal and I like to share them with others. So maybe once in a while, when nothing is going on, or everyone is busy and I need to get out, you know. 
But still, I would prefer to do these things with friends. It’s more fun that way. Plus we can talk about the movie afterwards while eating out afterwards or on the bus home! 
I’ll be up at the cottage in two days, and hopefully I’ll catch up on some more writing.

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