I could have just used what initiates such an attack, but that would give away what this dream is about!

I thought that the night before going back to work would involve tossing and turning until 3am, especially since I was playing The Witcher 3 until 9, but maybe I prevented that by going back to my sleep schedule the night before that.

Last night’s dream consisted a dream within a dream almost. It started with me back in school. I always have those dreams where I’m in at least one class that is irrelevant to my career choice. I must have fallen asleep on this bus before the real dream began.

It started with my mom, a bunch of girls who were just tagging along that I didn’t know, and I going on a beach trip; a friendly reminder how much I miss the Caribbean. There was also a city nearby that looked like the richer part of Havana.

We were relaxing on the beach until music was heard and got up to investigate. Closer to the city was a ceremony largely similar to the one held every year on Remembrance Day.

I don’t want to get into the details about how that was being conducted, because the real events of the dream unfold here. As the ceremony progressed, I spotted in the city a huge monster walking towards our location. I don’t know what it was, but it reminded me of one of those deathclaws from Fallout. I don’t play any of the Fallout games, but I’ve seen pictures of those deathclaws and they look pretty scary. I had to gather everyone together so we could get somewhere safe, but the monster was closing in fast. I tried chanting, transforming, and flying away with my troupe. But as we were trying to flee, we found ourselves trying to outrun the creature in a vast maze of illusions.

Every corner turned presented another path where the walls and floor looked like they were moving a certain way until a dead end was reached. The monster closed in on us, but the monster that REALLY makes this dream special appears. I stood ready to fight if necessary, even if it meant getting devoured (I always wake up from these dreams right when a monster is about to eat me) but instead, the wall to our right shattered, and another creature tackled our pursuer to the ground.

When I looked up, I didn’t need to guess what it or should I say, he was.


The almighty, unstoppable, forbidden one Exodia tackled the other monster to the ground away from us. All the girls with me were terrified, but I watched basking in the awesomeness of the moment as Exodia prepared to obliterate the other monster. That bright orange light that flooded the room was blinding. When it was over, I couldn’t see the other monster, but all I could do was approach Exodia and when he turned to look at me, that’s when I woke up.

As a kid, I remember being blown away by that one duel between Yugi and Kaiba when Yugi pulled out the final piece of Exodia to have him destroy the three Blue Eyes. I often thought he was the strongest duel monster in the game, but a few episodes later and I knew I was wrong. But monsters like this one are the most nostalgic, makes me wish I watched more of the anime, and kept my cards.

Exodia looks like a giant beastly pharaoh and that’s just one of my definite images of awesomeness. Even if he isn’t the most powerful monster out there, he is one of the coolest!

If you’re interested, I have also had another dream related to a Yu-Gi-Oh monster about the Black Skull Dragon


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