The Red Horseman Rides Home

Well, I guess I didn’t really do much thinking for very long! Whenever I want to buy an action figure of a character I love, I like to pick something that looks nice but is also affordable.

I was originally going to wait for a high-quality company to put something out, but then I changed my mind when I saw the prices of most of their items and found something else that looked just as equally as badass, but at a better price.

When the third Darksiders game was released, there was the option to get an Apocalypse edition with statues of War, Death, Fury and Vulgrim. Collectors were selling them on eBay since they’re hard to come across on official sources, so I found War and brought him home.

*drumroll* here he is!

Just look at that detail, I must say I am impressed, especially after reading forum posts that the devs didn’t do the greatest job before delivering figures of the four, but they must be referring to the lower quality figures released before that. Standing on top of a pile of debris, War looks like he’s charging into battle for me! Looking at this figure it’s exactly how I see him in the game, fierce and full of honor.

I also love the details that were put into even the smallest parts such as his face and certain parts of his armor, you can really see the dedication put into every part of it. The way he was painted isn’t bright and vivid as I imagined, but it makes sense because he’s in a fight, he might get a little dirty. In fact, I have two Transformers figures that were painted with markings on them purposely to look like battle scars. The silver parts of his armor and sword are so shiny too and I might have to buy several cans of air to keep him dust-free!

Here’s a better view of the gauntlet that War eventually gains the ability to smash blue crystals and send enemies flying with shockwaves. That is called the Tremor gauntlet. My favourite thing about it is that it has that orange glow. In the game, War’s gauntlet glows whenever he approaches an object that can be pushed/pulled or a chest that can be opened containing souls and other treasures. Looking at this reminds me of playing the game again, as War enters the fray, there’s things nearby for him to loot.

Or, maybe he’s got something equipped on his gauntlet ready to use, whether it’s his cross-blade, abyssal chain, or the Voidwalker.

Here’s a view from the side of Chaoseater, War’s massive sword. I wanted him to hold it like this since if he were to be running towards multiple enemies, he’s certainly going to chop them up this way. I’ve always enjoyed using his different abilities in combat that you can buy from Vulgrim. My favourites are the sword uppercut and the flipsaw.

A better look at Chaoseater. The details have definitely been nailed here! This part of him, along with the other tight spots I will have to keep a close eye on them. This is another thing I love about War: His sword looks so badass with its shape and the faces on it. Some of those faces look like souls carved into the blade.

Maybe I should dust my room more often until I can afford a display case. Well, actually, maybe I don’t need one unless my collection grows larger, like MUCH larger than it is now: sitting at 12 figures in my room right now. I’ve seen some geeks who love action figures who manage just fine without their figures stored in one of those cases, and they keep them out of the boxes because they like to pose them too, just like me. Dust isn’t really damaging, it’s just annoying.

Anyway, there you have it, that’s my newest add to my small but special menagerie of action figures all carefully selected to only contain my most-loved fictional characters. War was definitely worth every dime, he looks so cool on my dresser and I am on the brink of finishing the game.

On a scale of 1 to 10 I’d give this figure 100 instead!


13 thoughts on “The Red Horseman Rides Home”

  1. Oh, wow! Looks amazing! I don’t know how much you spent, but I think it was worth it!

    Did you paint him yourself? If so, that’s absolutely impressive!

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      1. Hahaha it’s okay! He wasn’t cheap but he was definitely worth it! ❤ I will be reviewing the first game soon. Love my action figures

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I know right? When I first saw War, I was like his sword is bigger than him! One of my friends says the characters in Darksiders remind him of World of Warcraft.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, the Chaoseater 😍 suits War just fine how big and buff he is. You mean how big right? Not very large. I have twelve figures (my Funkos count to that as well) I’m selective with what I add due to limited space and desire to have only the characters I love the most. ❤


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