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The Worst Cartoon Mean Girls

I used to watch a lot of animated series back then and the one thing that ticked me off about them was any sort of female antagonist that would do everything to wreck the life of the protagonist.

Despite my hatred for these characters, I can still appreciate today how evil they truly were, so here they are and if you recognize them, then you had a great childhood.

Heather (Total Drama)

I’ll admit, I have only seen Total Drama Island and not the next series that follow it, but Heather was truly a nasty manipulative bitch who did a lot of horrible things just because she wanted to win the prize money. Throughout the entire series she finds ways to sabotage the other team’s chances of winning the challenge, but also always taking charge much to the annoyance of the other campers on the same team as her.

Even when the teams break and go into being boys vs. girls after enough campers have been voted off, all the girls now have to put up with her shit while it seemed like the guys were all best buds. I think the worst stuff she did was primarily targeting Gwen, doing numerous things to her, including reading the latter’s diary in front of everyone at the talent show (instead of doing ballet like she planned) how she nearly destroyed the budding relationship between her [Gwen] and Trent, which ultimately led to him being eliminated.

I despised her, but it was always satisfying when the others got revenge on her for what she did: like unleashing an ant farm in her bunk bed. I was always upset when she kept getting invincibility: not being able to be voted off the island, but in the end when she finally was, she definitely deserved all of it.

Penelope Lang (Atomic Betty)

I ran a poll between her and Heather on Facebook once and was shocked that Penelope got more votes. I mean Penelope doesn’t do things as horrible as Heather, but I still couldn’t stand her because the way she spoke was super annoying.

Scratch that, Penelope was just as mean, but in a different way. I mean, when the new guy Dylan asks Betty out, Penelope forces him to eat with her instead (while Betty is delayed because she was called on a mission) since she thinks she is more entitled to him than Betty. To me, the worst things she did was when she stole Betty’s diary and read it out loud (even though she returned it when she thought it was full of made up stories), and kicked Betty out of the talent show for being late; however Betty had a good reason for being late since she was on a mission.

The other thing I didn’t like was that Betty’s mother was so naive she assumed Betty and Penelope were friends, like she invites Penelope to the surprise birthday party for Betty. She clearly doesn’t listen to what her daughter wants or pay attention to what goes on in her social life! But I’m getting ahead of myself, this only made Penelope worse because it seems that the only person who would help Betty stand up to Penelope at times was her friend Noah.

Penelope may be just plain annoying but at least when the end of an episode comes she fails miserably and loses her temper which always cracks me up.

Tricia Holmes (6teen)

Another Canadian cartoon series! In the beginning Tricia and Caitlin were best friends and loved shopping together. However, that all changed when Caitlin maxed out her credit card. Her parents then confiscated it and told her to get a job, which Caitlin reluctantly does. Tricia dumps Caitlin for the dumbest reason ever, over the fact that the latter has to wear a lemon hat at her new job. Even though I don’t like Caitlin in this show, what Tricia does to her in the episodes to come is pretty nasty stuff, there’s even times where she tricks her into being friends only to backstab her later.

Like there was the time she did that and framed Caitlin for shoplifting an expensive halter top that Caitlin was admiring earlier, by putting it in her bag while they were in the store. Tricia does all of this just because Caitlin got a job, maybe Tricia needs to get a job too and she’ll stop picking on her!

The Ashleys (Recess)

I don’t know why I used to like these girls at one point. Maybe it was because the main characters were all different identities: the leader-type, the jock, the smart one, the tomboy, the poet, and the shy one. But, there wasn’t any girlie girl in the group.

When I started to re-watch some episodes as an adult, I realized the Ashleys were annoying, they’re snobby and always find a way to make everyone feel insecure like the ratings they handed out to everyone, or targeting specific kids like Spinelli. Even after she was released from their custody, they still would go after her like the time they entered her in a beauty contest as a joke, but Spinelli stayed and beat them at their own game.

I will admit though, the Ashleys aren’t always mean, sometimes they participate in the gang’s activities and they even gave Spinelli wrestling tickets which she became suspicious about, and it turns out the tickets were genuine.

Krystella (Chaotic)

Most people won’t know who this is, but Krystella is one of those sneaky types of mean girls who makes it her goal along with her partner-in-crime, Klay (the series never reveals their actual relationship, are they friends or closer than that?) to ruin things for other Chaotic players, especially Tom, Kaz, Peyton, and Sarah.

What I didn’t like is that Krystella rarely gets involved in conflict directly and gives all of the hard work to Klay. Like the time when Kaz is helping Tom prepare for his match against Klay, Krystella secretly listens in and reports her findings to Klay so he can counter Tom’s strategy easily. Then another time she and Klay steal Phobia Mask scans from Tom and Kaz, and she even has Klay pose as the Codemaster Hotekk to send Peyton on dirty work obtaining rare scans behind the Doors of the Deepmines because Klay is too lazy to do it himself. All of the schemes she initiates never really have anything to do with one’s self-esteem, but for personal gain as a Chaotic player instead.

I have written before how I wish more girls battled in the dromes in this series and I’ve only seen Krystella battle three times. I would have loved to see a match between her and Sarah now that would be an episode I would totally pay all I’ve got to see. Or, I could always write my own version with my Chaotic OC instead!

LaCienega Boulevardez (Proud Family)

No matter how many times I watch this show, I fail to understand why Penny continues to remain friends with LaCienega. Their parents are friends but LaCienega seems to always find a way to diss Penny. Would you want to be friends with someone who demanded you buy her ice cream just because you have a credit card and she doesn’t?

Or what about when Penny finally gets permission to host a house party of her own, and then LaCienega throws a bigger party next door which everyone ditches Penny’s to attend? Honestly, I think Penny just needs to find new friends because they, especially LaCienega always bail on her.

Another thing I hated about LaCienega is that when she got into that Tween Idol contest, she was eager to win because the prize was to sing alongside of Alicia Keys. But throughout the competition and even the auditions, she is nasty towards the other contestant, Agatha, just because of her looks. Boy did Agatha really crush LaCienega in the contest because she’s definitely a better singer!

Mandy (Totally Spies!)

Another mean girl who talks in an annoying way. Mandy is popular, selfish and frequently competes with Sam, Alex, and Clover; though she often competes with Clover the most.

The only thing I like about her is despite the way she talks is such a pain, she is actually voiced by Femshep herself, Jennifer Hale (she also does Sam too who is my favorite out of the three). A lot of times Mandy does many things to mess up the girls when they are not on missions, but one time she fell into WOOHP with them and Jerry offered her a position as a spy. The girls do often try to make peace with Mandy if she is at risk due to the villain’s plot in their missions, but Mandy never thanks them in the end.

The worst thing Mandy did was when she and her girls bathed in that serum stuff that made them evil spies in the three-part episode Totally Busted. That was when Mandy truly became a villain.

Those are the animated mean girls I grew up with and had a love-hate relationship with, what were some of yours?


7 thoughts on “The Worst Cartoon Mean Girls”

  1. Oh boy, you completely missed Helga from Hey Arnold. That girl messed with that boy’s head and all in the name of love. That was some epic love/hate drama going on there.

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      1. I was more of a Family (which is basically a Disney channel) and Teletoon channel watcher back then. Both are Canadian channels and since I’m Canadian it makes sense. 😄Never watched a lot of Nickelodeon stuff.

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  2. Definitely agree with the Ashleys and LaCienega. I didn’t realize the former were supposed to be a parody of the Heathers at first because that movie came out before my time. Sometimes, I did wonder why Penny would still hang out with LaCienega even though she said they were never friends. That did bother me with the few times I watched The Proud Family when I was younger.

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