Big Pools and Demon Pets

I played a lot of DOOM Eternal last night and last weekend to block out that event comes every year in February. Can say I deserved to have that dream and maybe I’ve been choosing to not write about too many dreams in order to keep my post backlog to a minimum.

First I defeated three Doom Hunters, destroyed a massive Super Gore Nest (which let me tell you is WAY more fun than that damn event), and then I killed a Marauder after taking back what Dr. Hayden stole from me, and Dr. Hayden himself to my badass fortress. Nice to just silently waltz into the facility and take it back, oooh I wonder what I’ll get to use it for! The levels in this game are harder but still a lot of fucking fun.

In this particular dream I was staying at a resort with a huge pool covering the entire property that we have to swim to get around, just in Venice how they use boats everywhere! There were waterfalls, waterslides, swim-up bars, you name it. I call that paradise for me. I’ve been to resorts with swim-up bars and I would just float around with my drink afterwards, but if I really had to choose in this dream I would be spending more time on the waterslides!

I was having the time of my life riding the slides over and over again, and then falling into the pool a huge pool with a splash. Then I would swim around for hours not caring how wrinkled my skin gets like I’m a mermaid.

When it was late at night. I walked alongside the pools where the only sound heard was the waterfalls and fountains. I didn’t swim at night because of obvious reasons and the pools were just full of couples at night that don’t know how to get a room.

I wandered towards the edge of the resort where it was darker and heard a loud thumping from behind an old structure. I approached carefully and saw something large crunched behind the structure, its right arm had a long claw above its hand, like a blade and a horn sticking out from the side. I should have taken a baseball bat, but in any of these dreams I could become the Dragon Master in the blink of an eye.

A low growl came and I quietly went around the corner and there was a huge Cyberdemon sitting out of sight in the darkness, wounded but not with something that was too large it would be lethal. Now, if I was Doomguy, I would have finished it off, but I’m not, instead I would try to help it, so I approached slowly and it looked at me warningly snarling, its missile launcher not yet aimed. I had to get him somewhere safer before anyone discovered him.

When I tried to get closer, it roared in my face, but I did not let that stop me. I spoke quietly saying I wasn’t going to hurt it and climbed onto a nearby rock to look at the wound: it was a cut and quite deep. I snuck off to grab something to cover it with and saw the Cyberdemon look at me less threatening. I stayed by its side until morning the next day to find it up and about eager to see me wake up. When I started to walk back to the resort, it was deserted, everyone was hiding behind plastic curtains and their rooms in fear. I looked back giggling to see that the Cyberdemon was still following me, like it had suddenly decided to be my pet. Then I jumped into the pool and it did so after me, making a huge splash with a wave that drenched anyone who was still outside.

Of course you know me, I’ve always wanted one, I’ll keep it in my backyard, feed it hunks of meat, and scratch it between the horns on the top of its head! I also remember later in the dream, it was still hostile and while I was still trying to tame it, I was rounding people up from the pools to a safer place so I had enough room to conduct my task. I tried by feeding it first, getting it to shoot at something that wasn’t me, but not even trying to lasso or whatever.

First I dream about fighting one and now I’m dreaming about having one of my own! Then again, I did say in my review of the game that I wanted to take that Cyberdemon home!

This reminds me of an article I have yet to start working on, that he will be a part of and some other fictional creatures I love in a way that I want to keep them as a pet.


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