Endgame – Utter Chaos

I try to avoid writing negative reviews. In fact, I like to keep them brief so here we go.

I know these DOOM novels aren’t exactly loved by fans. I asked myself many times what made me want to read them? I thought that there was some EU content I could read into but I guess it wasn’t going to be what I anticipated.

The first book was pretty good, as was the second, then the third I began to lose my grip on the lore, but this volume was all over the place.

No more demon terms that the characters were using, just random names everywhere Fly/Doomguy was coming up with. The only cool thing I recalled was that Jill went on to publish several novels and became a scientist (I think) after the rest of the company deserted her.

I still cannot comprehend what Sears and Roebuck are. I was actually hoping this novel would end in a way that sets Doomguy’s rage in motion like Daisy’s demise for instance. Sadly no, that’s not what happens, in fact, it ended so abruptly in my mind that I was like what the fuck?

I guess we all experience that every now and then with some books we read. Oh well, it’s over now. I will stick to the DOOM games and move on to other books I’ll enjoy more.

I mean yeah I liked the first two novels in this series but after that, it descended down a spiral with no change of course so yeah, final volume, not for me.

Rating: 1 out of 5.


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