Enough With The Noob

One of the many reasons why I choose not to do online multiplayer games anymore is because of the way the community can respond to certain types of players, especially if they are inexperienced. It's been widely accepted as an ongoing joke to anyone who is new to the game and is say, still learning… Continue reading Enough With The Noob

Music and Bands

Problems With Being A Female Metalhead

It's not easy being a Metalhead in a mainstream world listening to pop or rap music, but being a female Metalhead has unique challenges as well. I fail to understand why there is still some belief that heavy metal is a "boy's genre" it just enforces the stereotype that girls only listen to romantic pop… Continue reading Problems With Being A Female Metalhead


Stop Telling Me What To Play Next

There are two types of gamers in the world who like to share with others what they think is great. Gamers who make suggestions what they think fellow gamers might enjoy. Then there are gamers who almost demand other gamers what they should play because it is what they are playing and seem to think… Continue reading Stop Telling Me What To Play Next


Why It’s Okay To Play On Easy

When we boot up a new game there are two things we like to do before we start playing. We like to turn on the subtitles if it's a story-rich game, but the second thing we turn to is what difficulty do we play the game on? There are some gamers out there who immediately… Continue reading Why It’s Okay To Play On Easy