Rock and the Lady Wood

Well, this has been a pretty eventful Family Day long weekend, and the fun is far from over since I now have my reading week.

So where have I been? Well, ever since my time off began I made a non-regrettable decision to put Steam back on my computer. I haven’t done PC gaming since I used my laptop instead. I didn’t think this desktop had enough to run Skyrim …..but it does, so I’m back into it! I’ve been binge playing all weekend but I should probably cut back a little bit so I don’t forget about this blog.

It’s been a girl’s weekend as my mom and I have been busy while the boys are skiing and snowboarding in Quebec.

We got to downtown Toronto at around six and were greeted with the usual crowd, smokers off to the side, homeless sitting on the sidewalks, even a few anti-Liberal protesters. Those are the only things I don’t like about Toronto, it’s depressing but everything else is great. Last time I was there was back in the summer.

We had dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe, and I gotta say after eating there: I can’t believe dining at Rock & Brews was on my bucket list. The only reason why I wanted to eat there was because it was founded by Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley. They were opening locations all across the US while I kept saying if they wanted it to be I quote “mega success” by Paul then they would have to expand outside their country.

Well, I can officially say Hard Rock Cafe is much better. Finally, a restaurant that plays something else on their TV screens rather than sports: classic rock music videos, so great music, food, and the service I’d say gets a B. My mom and I were eating our sundae while moving to My Sharona by Knack.

Then it was time to see Tove Lo at the Massey Hall. This was our second time seeing her but at a better venue. I don’t have any photos but I will try to take a few at Lordi…..and if I don’t there either, I will have at least have a photo with the band to share.

Despite not taking any pictures at Tove Lo’s gig I still remember everything. She started with two songs from her latest album which I had only listened to once but now I need to go back and listen to those again. She pretty much slayed at all the songs from Queen of the Clouds which I belted out and my mom got to hear her two favorites. Thousand Miles is my personal favorite, but I was even happier to hear Flashes from Lady Wood, as that is my favorite from that one.

Yes, I listen some pop once in a while and it’s mainly the artists that aren’t too repetitive with the lyrics: Katy Perry, Leona Lewis, Celine Dion, a bit of Demi Lovato. Metal will always be my main genre along with classic rock, but the most important thing is to keep an open mind. You never know when you might hear something from another genre that you might like.

But my mom and I came to be Tove Lo fans the first time we heard her on the radio and rushed to get tickets back in 2015. One year later we had to see her again once we found out she was coming back.

Now, tonight we’ll be going out for dinner and this time it’s on me, and then after that I suppose would be a good time to resume my pre-show Lordi marathon.


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