This is Not a Business Blog

Over the past few years since I’ve started this blog, I find myself surrounded by bloggers who are in it for the profit. Gee, that sounds like something that should go in a song or poem!

I always seem to get followers who are not genuinely interested in what I write about. They’re just people who are following me hoping that, I will become a customer to whatever it is they are trying to promote and sell, by following them back. I’m not that kind of writer or person. If I want to follow you back, I have to show actual interest in what you’re about as a person and a business.

This blog is the heart of my online presence where I can freely express myself and talk about the things I love for my own pleasure, not profit. If other people like it, that’s a nice little bonus, but I don’t need to make money with it. Once I get my career going, that’ll be my income which is enough for me. I don’t need to be a millionaire to feel like I’ve lived a happy and successful life.

You could say I am what you call a hobby blogger. Being a hobby blogger is actually a lot easier than being a business one. Think about it, you don’t have to stick to a single topic, you can spend more time writing in depth about what comes from your heart rather than worrying what your viewers will think, you don’t have to worry about how much you’ll earn since your primary focus is to just write, you don’t have to be completely factual, and this is the most important one to me: your writing doesn’t have to be perfect. If you make a tiny English error, it’s okay because it’s a personal blog. No one should have to point that out just because you made one little mistake.

Of course, if you are blogging for business reasons then you definitely should aim for perfection in the way you write, but like I said, it isn’t my priority when I write as a hobby blogger. Sometimes, I look back at posts I’ve made that are a few years or months old and I notice a small mistake like I’m missing a word or letter that goes in between. Sometimes I correct it and sometimes I don’t. A person commenting would have to be a real lifeless idiot to point out a single flaw like that!
So, I’ve made it perfectly clear to you that I’m not doing this for business, but since the world of blogging is dominated by it, it’s hard for people to get that message.
Remember how infuriated I was when someone overseas came onto my blog when I shared a post about my third Sabaton concert? They said they wanted to give me some “friendly” tips to help me gain more traffic and pointed out that the article was too long my writing style was annoyingly too fangirlish.

I can handle a little critique but that crosses the line. The “help” that person was offering was a change far to big for me to consider initiating. Sometimes I write with excitement and a fangirlie type of language and that is what makes my writing authentic. I want my work to stand out, not blend in like a professional band biography on the Metal Archives.

I’ve got tons of criticism for my opinion of disliking Optimus Prime’s violent and ruthless nature in the Bayformers universe and liked him better in the Prime series. The most recent was from someone who refuses to identify themselves, but tells me to stop seeing everything in unicorns and rainbows. Their way of wording things was like the same person who chastised me for my reasons of disliking the blogging community.

Then someone else proceeded to pick apart every detail of my Bumblebee movie reaction post that was deemed “inaccurate” I didn’t read the whole thing. But from what I skimmed, it sounded like this person was trying to pick out every “error” they saw with the way I was expressing my excitement for the movie. There is no “right” way to write a post like that if you’re not doing this for profit.

So, what do these examples all have in common? They are all from people who assume I’m here for business reasons. But those are only a few, there have been tons of times I’ve been approached by people like this and others who want to “help” me.

There is a massive business presence in the public circle of social media, therefore my content should be written to equal that of an employee’s at Blabbermouth.net, my opinions should always be on point to equal the relevant facts, and there is only one correct way to express yourself like you would on a business blog. Yes?

The perfect no, I’ll use you forever. 💓

Do I have to put a disclaimer on my blog’s sidebar that indicates this blog is a nonprofit place therefore not everything is going to be perfectly written, factual, or correct? I don’t need any help or corrections, I do things here my way, for my pleasure, whether you like it or not.

Not everyone is going to like me. I silence my haters that believe I should be more business-y by continuing to do what they hate. But aside from haters, I wish there were more bloggers like me. We seem to get nearly lost and forgotten in the swarm of business beauty, travel, and cooking blogs.

Due to this large number, bloggers like me are often mistaken for business bloggers, hence you might get the occasional criticism from viewers who want to help you improve so you can build an audience. It all comes down to the assumption that:

“Oh, she has a blog? Well, if she wants more traffic she’ll need to stop writing like that and write like she’s a journalist on local paper. Here, let me help you with that.” 

I am not a journalist. Having a blog does not automatically make me one. I could be just a woman on the Internet sharing her passions for her own delight and this might be the only place she can do it freely. Oh wait, that IS me!

You can lecture me all you want that my writing needs to be improved because it’s not professional or accurate enough. You can also lecture me to get over myself because this is the way the Internet is: expect businesses and criticism everywhere. None of your words are going to get me to change the way I run this blog so you might as well just give up.

I also know what you’re thinking, me putting this on the Internet will generate some sort of discussion to those who agree or disagree, whether I like it or not. I’m prepared for that completely.

So to anyone who wishes to help me improve my writing because it’s too fangirlie or inaccurate, knock it off because this is a personal blog. It doesn’t have to be professionally written. Okay, bye.


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