Is Turkey All You Can See?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone; well, just for me and those who are also in Canada too!

I haven’t blogged in a whole week, but for some reason it feels like forever even though I’ve had quiet periods longer than this before.

I’ve been really busy the past week as my Jurisprudence exam is a month away. I started studying for it mid-August and have already covered everything that should be on the test. Now, I’m just reviewing and also squeezing review of general pharmacy stuff for the bigger certification exam I have to write which I would like to try in April. This Wednesday I’m starting another internship, but this one’s different than the ones I’ve done earlier this year, those were for school, this so I can get licensed.

I mean, for most professions you take your licensing exams right after you graduate; like say you want be a nurse or paramedic. But, for pharmacists and technicians you have get the process started yourself. Might be ideal to do it soon while everything from college is still fresh in your mind as you look for work experience right?

Okay, enough shop talk, what else is going on with me? Well, I’m serious about trying those four games I’ve listed! I’ve started with Assassin’s Creed. Coincidentally, a new game was released 3 days ago; Odyssey which takes place during ancient Greece. But you know the market, games are $80 or more there when they are first released and I often don’t pay full price unless I’m extremely desperate. Mind you if I was a veteran/die-hard AC player by now then I would have just splurged. But since I’m not right now, then I’ll wait and play the older games working my way up to the most recent and get to know the franchise and characters along the way. You gotta start somewhere right?

So yeah, I started at the VERY beginning; that first game with Altair that takes place during the Third Crusade along with Desmond from the present time who is said to have an ancestral link to Altair. Despite my frustration with the game’s controls and combat system, I’ve continued to play; I don’t quit as easily as I used to with trying new games. I don’t know if I plan to review it when I’m finished because I tend to save game review posts for game series I come to really love. If AC becomes that over the years, then I’ll definitely do it for all the ones I will have played by then. Anyway, I eliminated my second target last night: Talal, a slaver. While I have issues with the gameplay, I like the story so far.

Dark Souls will also be ready for playing soon but it looks like I won’t be able to wait forever for the prices to drop because I sense a desperation level slowly growing inside of me to check it out; no matter how difficult it is. Once it reaches its peak, I guess I’ll have no choice but to pay full price!

Gotta go now, my aunt and uncle will be here soon and I don’t want to spend all afternoon cooped up here now do I?


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